Winter Sabbatical on Luna Sea

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Spanish Wells

10 March 2007
At the bow of the boat you could see the shinny aluminum pole sitting on the dark green uninviting murky bottom. I was nominated to retrieve the pole once the sun raised enough to light the area. We pulled the dink as close the area as possible. I immediately dove in head first swimming as hard as I could to the 12' bottom. The bottom was the worst that I have seen on the entire trip. I imagine that the bottom of the Chesapeake looks worse but the great thing is that it is not visible from the surface. It took 15 seconds to dive 12', grab the pole, and jump in the dink.

We decided to make our course for Spanish Wells this afternoon. This mornings conditions were ideal for sailing. The let out all the canvas and enjoyed a 5knot sail to Current Cut. As we approached The Current a front came through increasing the winds to 20knots on our bow. We took down all the sails and proceeded through the narrow channel. At the last minute we decided to go to a marina to mitigate our water crisis. We now have 1 empty stern tank and a 1/2 empty bow tank. As we entered the narrow channel in Spanish Wells we heard and felt a large thump. I was at the helm and it appeared we ran aground. This was the first time we have hit bottom while underway. I will dive under the boat the next opportunity and access the damage. As you can imagine we have not bathed since Rock Sound, 3 days ago, or enjoyed fresh produce. This will be a welcomed change. We will hang out here for a couple days and search for a window to head to the Abacos.
Vessel Make/Model: Beneteau Oceanis 351
Hailing Port: Annapolis, Maryland
About: Chris and Margaret Geganto