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NE Providence Channel Passage

15 March 2007
After 2 days of waiting at Royal Island we decided to face the worst passage we have had on this trip. We searched for a glimmer of hope that the wind and swells would subside providing a calm sail across the 12,000ft deep channel. We woke up at 2am and prepared for the day ahead. We hoisted the dinghy on the fore deck and stowed all our loose items. We hoisted the anchor around 3am and navigated our way out through the narrow rocky opening with the help of our friend Irish Fever shinning a large spotlight on the rocky opening. Sojourner, our buddy boat, was not far behind us as we left the cut. We traveled the long way around Egg Island to avoid the shipwreck of an unlucky soul attempting to do what we were currently attempting.

We decided early on that we were going to sail this passage without the use of our engine. We put 1 furl in the main for safety and 2 in the Genoa. 2 hours after we started we made our way around the leeward side of Eleuthera. The winds picked up to 30knots with 6 ft seas. We were making 6.5 knots surfing the swells. Since the first part of our journey in was in darkness we were unable to see the angry ocean. I threw up 2 times trying to come to terms with the large seas. I lost my battle but Margaret managed to win hers. We took 30 min shifts since we had to hand steer the entire way. The ocean was too rough for our autopilot. These are the types of days that make great sea stories. We sailed for 11 hours. Early in the afternoon we dropped the hook at Lynyard Cay and immediately fell asleep. We truly felt like we had accomplished something very difficult. We were the 1st boat to arrive in the Abacos out of 20 that had left Royal Island that morning.

Today was one of the most memorable sailing experiences that we have had. We felt like the sailors of the past that depend on their canvas and compasses for their journeys.
Vessel Make/Model: Beneteau Oceanis 351
Hailing Port: Annapolis, Maryland
About: Chris and Margaret Geganto