Winter Sabbatical on Luna Sea

19 April 2007
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The End of our Journey

19 April 2007
We have arrived at Solomons, MD after a long days travel from Norfolk. We traveled 16 hours to our destination. While cruising up the Chesapeake memories of Luna Sea's early days came into mind. The times when we were reading manuals on how to anchor the boat while in the process of anchoring the boat, docking the boat without dock lines, using apparent wind to sail downwind instead of true wind, and our early spinnaker adventures. These experiences shaped our sailing abilities and forced us to learn quickly and handle situations in an efficient manor.

The memories of this trip will have an effect on our lives forever. We learned how to work together to handle stressful situations, appreciate and rely on each other daily, and respect our surroundings. The trip was the hardest thing that we have ever accomplished in our lives. Each day there were new problems to solve, narrow channels to navigate through, rough weather and seas to sail, and beautiful islands to explore.

We must thank our parents for receiving our mail, taking care of our belongings, sending us important equipment, and being there for us this entire trip. Without their help this trip would have incorporated an entire new set of variables that we were not ready to explore.

Luna Sea is currently in Annapolis "on the hard" waiting for her next sail. We are very grateful that she brought us back home safely and took care of us during our adventure. The memories of the Bahamian islands, blue water, and the incredible people we met along the way will be with us for the rest of our lives.
Vessel Make/Model: Beneteau Oceanis 351
Hailing Port: Annapolis, Maryland
About: Chris and Margaret Geganto