Southward Bound

20 July 2016 | Steinbach
23 January 2016 | Mazatlan
19 January 2016 | Mazatlan
13 January 2016 | Mazatlan
07 January 2016 | Mazatlan
12 December 2015 | Mazatlan
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20 July 2016 | Steinbach
Here we are in full visiting mode, the grandchildren sure have grown since the last time we saw them. It will be a longer visit since we have no other place to go and have added camping to our list of things to do. It will be good to get back to Solastra. The longer we are away, the more things that can go wrong. Our last email from the yard was that our charging system has gone a little strange and is not charging, there is a .2 amp draw happening somewhere and Rick has added a solar panel to help keep the batteries up.
On a brighter note, we have a new wind generator to install when we return. After a very long process, the company sent us a new unit at no charge. Longer story there. Now I just have to put it up without dropping anything into the water! Of course it has to work as well!!!
We think we will be driving back to Mazatlan this time. With the wind generator and some other good finds, it would probably be better than trying to get it all on a plane.
I always try to get to give info as to what has happened, where we are and what we possibly be doing next. With very limited internet access, the log book back at the boat and a nasty knee injury, we will persevere.

Afloat Again

23 January 2016 | Mazatlan
Once again we are back in the water and in our slip in the marina. The lift today was a good one and the paint held well. During the last 11 days we stayed in the "Bungalows Mar Sol". An extremely clean place run by a Mexican woman who really kept an eye on her staff. She even had one of the workers trying to get the oil from a car off the driveway. There was also a contingent of Canadians who stay there for the winter months. A really good group of people and as we found out...we were the babies as far as our ages!
As far as our next move, we will get the boat in shape the next few days, do a major provision, insure all systems are working well and head south. Where we end up will be any ones guess including ours! It sure feels good being back in the water and looking forward to getting off the dock soon!

A Chance Meeting

19 January 2016 | Mazatlan
Who knew that this famous person would take his vacations in Mazatlan!!! I did not see any little people with him! ...

Here we go again!

13 January 2016 | Mazatlan
Solastra was hauled yesterday and is now undergoing the removal of the bad antifouling. As it turns out, the paint is harder to get off than originally thought! Go figure!!! It is just bad paint!!! So now they are using paint stripper and sanders to remove it. On a brighter note, I am up here during a brisk wind that sends a shudder the length of the boat every so often. I am doing some deck work, re calking the teak where needed, and my feet are just black from the yard dust!
Almost time to go and see Lynn, we booked a bungalow down the street, a short bus ride from here. I think it is about time to pack up my stuff and get ready for tomorrows fun fest. Onwards!!!

Time goes on.

07 January 2016 | Mazatlan
Well, we are still here in Mazatlan. A new haul out date of the 12th to re-do the bottom has been set as there have been multiple problems occur. When we first went back into the slip, the bottom turned RED. The paint was suppose to stay blue! That all fell off like slime and the color went back to blue. Lynn noticed cracks starting to appear on the rudder at the top and also white patches near the bow. With a soft deck brush, we find that the white comes off in large flakes and it is also blue color as well! So, our yard manager comes for a look and thinks it is algae...I think it is another layer of paint. He has a diver clean the bottom and give a supposed definitive answer. For whatever reason, the diver only sees what he usually sees and not all the flakes that are coming off as well!!! He also tells our manager that there are 4 really bad spots (where the straps lifted the boat)!!! So, now we wait for a new bottom to be done. Also, our main sail has been held hostage for 2 months! We sent it with the jib to be looked at, stitched where needed and a small patch put on a wear spot. It was supposed to be back in less than a week!!! As yes, Mexico time. We hope...yes hope, to be on our way right after the bottom is done...destination unknown at the moment but it should be south of here. In the mean time, I have lost my pactor modem to some electrical issue and need to find a way to get my spreader lights to work again as well as my anchor light. Up the mast we go!! Good thing I am not afraid of heights.

Bad Paint

12 December 2015 | Mazatlan
Well, as one person has noticed, we HAD a nice bottom. What has happened since then, well, it leaves something to be desired. We got 5 gallons of bad antifouling paint applied to the boat! It would not harden properly and when the boat was lifted, it shifted and piled up like putty! They put us back on the stands, repaired the mess, let it dry a bit longer and decided to lift again....Guess what, same results! We are back in the water and will have it redone in the spring with fresh new paint.
What I did not mention is that with these problems I did not get Solastra back into the water until the day Lynn was actually on her flight here!!! So much for all the work I had wanted to do before her arrival. So, slight repairs have been done while in the water to make it look better. So far, our blue bottom, which is suppose to stay blue....turned pink, red and then sloughed off a sheet of slime and is back to being blue again!!! Oh the joy of cruising!!!
Vessel Name: Solastra
Vessel Make/Model: Pan Oceanic/Sea Star 46
Hailing Port: Winnipeg Manitoba Canada
Crew: Dean & Lynn Ducharme
About: Dean & Lynn fell in love with sailing while on a "Windjammer Barefoot" cruise. Since 1990 we have owned 3 sail boats, taken lessons and are currently preparing "Solastra" for a southern journey. Now retired, we eagerly await the beginning of our adventure.
Extra: This adventure begins in the middle of our dream. It would be difficult to start from the beginning. Join us now as we prepare to embark on an adventure that we are sure, will be full of suprises.
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Who: Dean & Lynn Ducharme
Port: Winnipeg Manitoba Canada