Southward Bound

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Lost time and back to the boat

07 November 2015 | Mazatlan
Well, after posting two quick entries in a row I have failed terribly at getting to where I wanted to be with this blog. I had full intentions of exciting tales coming down the west coast, a trip from Cabos San Lucas to Mazatlan with winds and waves not predicted as well as a ferry trying to chase us down in the middle of the night, but here I am, back in Mazatlan supervising repairs being done to the underside of Solastra. The weather here has cooled, or so they tell me, and the humidity has lessened, again, so I have been told. You would not know it by the way I have been expelling more liquid than I am able to take in! Well for now I am in a cool environment and can enjoy this day. More perhaps later.
Vessel Name: Solastra
Vessel Make/Model: Pan Oceanic/Sea Star 46
Hailing Port: Winnipeg Manitoba Canada
Crew: Dean & Lynn Ducharme
About: Dean & Lynn fell in love with sailing while on a "Windjammer Barefoot" cruise. Since 1990 we have owned 3 sail boats, taken lessons and are currently preparing "Solastra" for a southern journey. Now retired, we eagerly await the beginning of our adventure.
Extra: This adventure begins in the middle of our dream. It would be difficult to start from the beginning. Join us now as we prepare to embark on an adventure that we are sure, will be full of suprises.
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The Crew

Who: Dean & Lynn Ducharme
Port: Winnipeg Manitoba Canada