S/V Mabel Rose

Join us for a trip from New York to Tasmania, and back, we hope. Departing Saturday.

Leaving Wilderness Lodge

On Tuesday, we went in the lodge van for a waterfall hike at the top of Arthur’s Pass. In the pouring rain. Of course. In the breaks we could see fresh snow higher up.

Michael, our elfin guide and lodge host, enthusiastically pointed out the native flowers and carnivorous plants along the trail. “You know,” he said, “that hike you took on Bealey Spur the other day was Gandalph’s favourite hike.” Apparently, Ian McKellan was a repeat guest at the Lodge during filming, and enjoyed the walk up to the musterer’s hut. It wasn’t until his third visit that another guest pointed him out saying “isn’t that the famous British actor?”

We left the Wilderness Lodge Wednesday morning on the first clear day in he mountains, with nice views of fresh snow and snowfields on the summit. The bus to Christchurch airport was uneventful.

We met Robins friend Terry Wilson at the airport, picked up a rental car, and found a frozen turkey and all the trimmings for Thanksgiving.