S/V Mabel Rose

Join us for a trip from New York to Tasmania, and back, we hope. Departing Saturday.

Getting our Feet Under Us


Grins upon Arrival

Finding the Answers to Life, the Universe and Everything in Hobart

Almost Hobart

Flight Paths to Antartica

Tasmania Landfall

Halfway To Hobart

Styrofoam, Flowers or Spooky Halloween Heads

A Hard Beat Towards Hobart

Out of Eden

End of the Holiday Weekend in Eden

New Year Laughter Learning and Tear

New Years Beach Day

Blog 207 Rolling New Year

Extending Eden Into the New Year

Two Fold Bay Shuffle Synapse

In Edenic Limbo With the Q Flag Flying

You Know You Are in Australia...

Into Australia

Checking in at Eden

Landfall: Eden

The Sydney Hobart Race East of Eden

Biosecurity Boxing Day

Boxing Day

A Maritime Christmas with Tradition

Silent Night

The Eternal Twilight of the Ocean Sky

Finders Seamount Landscapes

Halfway There, and a Mid-Ocean Underwater Repair

The Differences

Nothing Much to Report Except a Couple of Whales

Two Albatross Day

Midnight, Clear

I Did Not Kill the Albatross

Lovely Weather for a Sailboat Together

Moving Ahead But Far Away

Three Kings of Calm

Three Kings Gifts

Days of Boredom

Plankton Christmas

A Long Goodbye to Aotearoa

Sailing in a Sock

Bound for Australia

Into the Brume



Chasing Kiwis and Christmas in a Car

Out of the Water

We Have A Lawn

Along the Coast

Blue Star Hobart Bound?

Down the Coast to the Mouth of the Whangerei

Otewhango Passage

Saudade -Untranslatable

Two Days in Port in the Wind and Rain

Back On Board

Northbound Generosity

Working Our Way Back to the North Island, Mostly Overland

Blame the Kea

Mountains Laced with Water and Ice

Milford Sound is Even More Spectacular

Doubtful Aluminum Adventures

Paddling Doubtful Sound

A Change in Climate at Tasman Glacier

Rocks Snow and Gravity

Moa Land Holes

Sealeys Tarns - A Splendid Day in the High Mountains

Ice Retreating from Mt. Mabel

Hooker Glacier

Flea Bay Kayaking

Blue Penguins Help the Helps

Banks Track to Penguin Cottage

Leaving Wilderness Lodge

The Valley of the Mother of Rainbows

Soggy Mountain Meadows

Pigs, Poison and Pastures

Arthur’s Pass Wilderness Lodge

What Would a Moa Eat

From Sound to Mountains by Boat Bus and Train

Dinner on a Debris Flow

A Day Afloat But Not on the Mabel Rose

Cold Bubbles

Three Days in Wellington in Travel Guide Style

Why Not Sail Around New Zealand?

Working on My Pepeha

We Put Rivendell in Google Maps and it Sent Us Up Mt Doom Instead

Not a Hobbit Walking Party

Tongariro Crossing

From Tepid Baths to Golem’s Pool

Driving to Mt Doom

Big Trees to Urban Buzz

Packing Our Bags, Off to See the Big Trunks

What You Find At the End of the Rainbow

Back to the Marina

Te Hau: Gale Warning

Mihi to the Birds

Urupukapuka Island

Roberton Island

Typing on my Ipapa

A Bouncing Karl

On my Feet Again at Waitangi, Under Protest

My Favorite Boats in Opua Harbor

Still on my Bottom - Not Much to Report

Signs of Spring in Opua

Leaning on Your Boat Buddies

Spooky Stories from the Laundry

Rainy Day in Opua

How Do You Know It Is New Zealand?

Opua is a Great Place to Fix Your Boat

Fishers Dawn

They Let Us in to New Zealand!

Tongan Heron at Sunrise

And Then the Sea Grew Still

You Must Eat This Chocolate

A Change in Destination

No Street Signs on a Cloud Street

Some Lines Crossed

Pink Slime is Not Comfort Food

Eighty Miles in the Squash Zone, Hear That Southeast Wind Moan . . .

Squash Zone Menu

Squash Zone Prep

So Many Different Perspectives

Out of the Tropics, Onto the Tongan Ridge

Bubbles and Chocolate

Fakatonga the Tonga Way

Another Fine Day of Sailing and Then the Wind Died

Flying Passion

All at Sea Again

When Are You Leaving?

Swallow Cave

Sunrise on the Tonga Kermadec Trench


Tongan Sunday

Is It Ethical....

Swimming with Whales

Kangaroos on the Yeast

Tropicana Cafe

A Tonga Door Opening

A Pleasant Afternoon Sail to Tonga

Sunrise on the Tonga Kermadec Trench

Squalls, Squalls, and More Squalls

Why Chichester Sailed Naked

Slowly Sailing Out of the Squalls and into a Moon Shot

Confused Seas Jinx

Squally Weather

Just a Whispy Cloud


7 The Smells at the Turn for Tonga

Forty Banana Halfway Cake

Banana Bread Blogs

Into Passage Routine

Squall School

What Do You Do With Sixty Ripe Bananas

Banana Rain Not in Forecast

Staying North of Trouble

Not Enough Pamplemousse

Sailing Off the Edge Again

Voyagers Route

Paradise Faded

Nana Bora Bora

Conch Horns at Dawn

Waiting for Bateau (Provisioning in Bora Bora)

Passage Prep/Bottom Prep

Petanque in our Future

Fitting In

A Flock of Eagles Soared Over the Garden

Afternoon in Bora Bora

Women at the Helm

Kiteboarding Breakthrough!

A New View of Rainbows

Mata Pupu Peak

A Mermaids Saturday

Just a Couple of American Tourists

Friday on Tsunami Route 16

Tuna Hunt!

The Public Beach

What Happened to the Catamaran Poeme

Back to School

Bora Bora Ancestors and Weather

One More Petroglyph

A Change in Plans and a Short Hike

Hot to the Touch

Bicycling Bora Bora

Mailboxes and Couples

Three Squalls

Bora Bora by Dark

Market Morning and Night Passage to Bora Bora

An Urban Volcano

Her Shawl Slipped off her Shoulders

So Many Waterfalls

Vacations for Some

Papeete is Also a Nice Place to Spend a Day Fixing Your Boat

Papeete is Also a Nice Place to Spend a Day Fixing Your Boat

No Expectations Repair Port

Tahiti Landfall Cable Fail

Sailing to Papae'ete

The Sprite and The President

A Rainy Day Polynesian Storybook

What the Sharks See

The Sharks Watch

Cruise Ship Sunday

Blue Lagoon Summer Camp

Rangiroa, much sky

All Roosters No Hens?

Reconnecting. Wires, that is.

Vas-Tu Va’a?

Iaorana Va’a Dream

Connected to the Sea at an Early Age

All the Dolphins We Never Did See

Reef Fragment Cairns

Morning Post, Afternoon at the Aquarium

The Name of the Motu is Reporepo

A Matter of Perspective

A Minor Rescue in Tiputa Pass

Through the Pass

Feeling Edgy About Rangiroa Landfall

If you get wet…

Halfway to the Dangerous Islands, No Complaints

Washing Away the Black Sand

Orion Is Upside Down and Backwards

The Ocean Light

Farewell Fenua Enata

Into a Watery Petroglyph

Taioha’e Tourism Day

Hetuotemoana â€" Star of the Ocean


Baie Taioha'e

Do Not Cry Over Spilled

Fixing My Boat in Another Exotic Port

Round and Sharp

The Royal Road to a Hidden Waterfall

KANAHAU:Three Mysteries Resolved

Around to the Other Side of Nuku Hiva

Over the Mountain to an Ancient Village

Generosity and History

Travels and Tension, East and West

Just a Fluke in the Morning, Afternoon in Baie Anaho Paradise

Bay of Bedevilment

Reconsidering Kleptoparisitism

Willy Wonka in the Heart of Darkness

Vaka and Petanque

Hakahau Sunday

Her Valley

Dark Departures and Arrivals

Crossing to Ua Pou

Just Another Beach Day

Visitors to Te Henua ‘Enana

Lay Day in Vaitahu

Welcoming Beach

Beach Day

Quick Crossing to Tahuata

The Wind Blows Here

Feeling the Geology of Fatu Hiva

The High Road to Omoa

Ascension Day

Anniversary Sunday in Fatu Hiva

So Many Volcanos, Sailboats, Harbors and Waves

An Adolescent Island

Sailing to Fatu Hiva

Puamou and Its Tiki Garden

The Power of the Atmosphere

Cliffs and Petroglyphs

Finding the Front Garden Petroglyphs

The Ocean Made Us Work

Hanamenu Plantation to Hanaiapa Village

Cues of Tropical French Polynesia

Balancing Arrivals and Departures

Arrivals and Departures

The Yard at Baie Tahauku

Ka’oha Communities, Visitors and Chickens

The Yard at Baie Tahauku

Entering the Misty Mountains

A Day in Port in Atuona

Anchored in a peaceful place

Landfall on an Island

Moonlit Landfall on a Dark Archipelago

Anchoring Apprehension

Slowing Down on Purpose

Flying Fish Star Gazy Frittata

Steady as She Goes

Denab, Menkar, Betelgeuse and Fatu Hiva

A Sunlit Day A Starlit Night

The Missing Painter Mystery

What I do in the Darkness

The Seas on the High Seas Really Are High

Navigating by Stars or Boobies

Time is a Little Warped Here, Too

Pacific Pursuit

The Sound of Flying Objects

A Wrinkle in Soggy Chart Space

Surfboard or Bobsled

A Night of Squalls

Finding Orion with a New Belt

Trade Winds?

Halfway Dinosaur Cake

Halfway There

Looking Back With Vonnegut and Forward with Melville

Ocean Atmosphere Dance

Old Sailors Should Not Try New Tricks Mid-Ocean

A Cure for a Black Iguana Hangover

The Ocean Just Teems

Mostly not Squid

In the Night Galley

A Wonder of the World

Water Maker

Pacific Pursuit

Ink in the Sink

Airborne Squid Squadron

How to Cook Dinner and Sail a Boat at the Same Time.

Sailing Into the Clear, Pacific.

A Panting Booby


Good Bye Galapagos!

Faces Fade into the Garua

Precious Drops

Au Revoir Appoline!

Stocking Up, Taking Stock

Lava Tunnels and Lunch

Los Tuneles de Bella Vista

Signs of Danger

Taxi Strike!

Anchor Alarms at an Urban Mecca

Santa Cruz

Crashing Waves

Concha de Perlas

Squealing Balloons

The Independence Crew

Geology by Feel

Sierra Negra, Claro

Mabel’s Bookshelf

Muro de las Lagrimas

Paddle to the Penguin, Pedal to the Tortoise

Land’s Embrace

Sunset Traffic at Puerto Villamil

Unreal Landscape

Young and Old Islands

Inter-Galoptic Star Travel

Who Let those Geese Aboard

The Pulse of the Harbor

In Search of Giant Tortoise

A Curious Tourist

This Ancient Mariner Finds his Albatross

A Sea Lion Heart

Darwin’s Missing Cinder Cone

Catching Up with the Sea Turtles

Another Misty Crater Lake

Volcano Ecotone Poems

Laid Back Galopagoan Sunday

We Happy to Report You Passed the Test

Culture Above and Below the Waterline

Awaiting Inspection, Puerto Baquerizo, Galapagos

Professor and Selkie Pass the Exam

Landfall in the Galapagos

A Pretty Cool Equator Crossing

Booby Boards on the Nazca Plate

A Difficult Day on a Difficult Pasage

Booby Boards on the Nazca Plate

Cocos Plate Waltzes and Tangos

Halfway There

33 Degrees of Wonder

Tropic Disorientation

Listening to the Petrels

Throwing Rainbows Darts

Sailing in Company on a Grey Rainy Day

Panama's Sloppy Wet Kiss Good Bye

Tinder Dating Offshore- AIS

Welcome says the Pacific

A Pleasant Sail Across the Gulf of Panama

A Strawberry Full Moon Shift to Hot Bunks

Mountain with Mist

Panama City and Las Brisas anchorage

Into the Pacific

To Reach a New Ocean

Waiting for a Pilot

Mice Join the Contra Dance

Rainy Season is Here

Santa Arrives

Morning at the Mall, Afternoon in the Jungle

Diving into the Jungle

Waiting for Transit

A Floating Community Moving West (Mostly)


Reflections on the Sea

Where is that Rainbow Going?

Another Languorous Day

Chocolate as a Last Meal

Tropic Torpic

The Jamaican Cloud Painter

Halfway There in Distance Only

A Cool Breeze in a Tropical Sea

Under Caribbean Stars

First Squall

Settling into the Pelagic Routine

Looking Seaward

Hard to Leave Even with Sweet Mangos

Passage Lag

Jamaica Fun

Notes on Jamaica

Avoiding the Ants for a Safe Landfall

Made it to Port Antonio, Jamaica

Cuban Waves and Beaches

Passing by the Sun in Caicos Passage

Crossing Edges and Traffic

Into The Easterly Trades

Navigating By the Star

Miscalculated Halfway There Apple Cake

One Week at Sea

Flying south across the stars

Blood on the Deck over the Abyssal Plains

Drifter Day

An Easy Day on the Sleepy Blue Ocean

How to Teach A Curious Selkie Celsius

The Green Blanket

A Curious Selkie

Nothing to Report

It,'s a Bluewater World

First Night at Sea

Just Assume

Just Assume

Will you have soup for starters?

Sailing for Tasmania with the Midnight Tide

Stocking up

Test post

A Maritime Christmas with Tradition

Christmas Green Flash

The Public Beach