LandLocked...for now

20 June 2011 | Boise, Idaho USA


20 June 2011 | Boise, Idaho USA
We are the MacCloud family and our dream is to live aboard and to one day sail the TransPac for fun. We are a family of 4 and a dog. We would love to meet other families who are on the water or are trying to get on the water like us.

We are spending this summer selling our excess stuff.

We plan to move to the Seattle, WA area and find our new boat somewhere on the west coast. Our children are getting older so there is a huge sense of urgency. Time is short...we have decided to make definite progress toward moving aboard.

Hoping to see you out there soon.
The MacClouds
Vessel Name: Enterprise
Vessel Make/Model: She's Strong and Sturdy
Hailing Port: Boise, ID
Crew: Ensign SMac, Lt. LMac, Dr. HMac, No.1
About: Loyal Faithful Hardworking Brilliant and Willing to go to where only a privileged few have gone.
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Who: Ensign SMac, Lt. LMac, Dr. HMac, No.1
Port: Boise, ID