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to Fiji on E'eva

08 June 2010
A day like all the rest...

banana rice for breakfast, we tried fishing again this time with Pascal's tried and tested Rapala pure (yeah yeah, more fishing stories)

About 30 minutes later the reel screams a protest, there is something trying to drag us back to NZ i wind the drag all the way up and Pascal slows us down from 6.5 to 4.5 knots.
!0 minutes later we have a lovely blue Mahimahi along side. this was the most amazing colour of blue i've ever seen.

After a couple of practice shots with the gaff and a little effort the Mahimahi was in the cockpit. (note to self, maybe hang it off the back for a while next time, that was a lot of blood and it went everywhere)
Fish fillets for lunch and a nice curry for dinner with a couple of glasses of red wine.
The back half of the fish got put into lemon juice with a little onion in preparation for a raw fish lunch tommorow.
It took Pascal longer to clean the blood off than it took me to fillet and dice the fish.
then we sat down to a feast,
Vessel Name: Thistledown
Vessel Make/Model: Hartley RORC 32
Hailing Port: Tauranga
Crew: Steve and anyone who wants to come
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Who: Steve and anyone who wants to come
Port: Tauranga