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What a relief

13 May 2016 | Man O War Cay
Well the last post we weren't sure if we were going to lose our boat or not but it all worked out in the end. The adjuster came and told us we could complete all the work on the exterior of the boat as there wasn't any interior or structural damages. Great news!!

The yard worked very hard all week and we are now down to the final gelcoat Check out the pic. The community here is wonderful. We have been welcomed in with open arms completely and are the now the family who hit that I-beam. We have met a couple from Virginia (Dan and Debby) who are here waiting for a new engine to arrive so they can continue on their way north. And they introduced us to Mike and Barbara who took us snorkling and had us out for supper at their son's house on the island. Beautiful spot.

We ran into Glen and Marie from Gone for Good who had us out for a tour of their Nordhavn 50 (Uncle Gary eat your heart out ;>) what a boat! if only I kept working instead of taking the year off (and worked a few decades more). They were great Glen was the one who followed us while we were sinking in his dingy for 12 miles. They dropped a couple of bags of cookies off for the boys. They were very excited about that. But when they opened the bags up there was 10$ each in them!! Glen was really impressed with their entrepreneurship when taking the trash in Hopetown. See thier blog about it here http://goneforgood50.com/2016/05/htown-young-entrepreneurs/

We have been to the church a couple of nights and met a lot of folks. It certainly has been an experience that we would have missed if only we had missed that Ibeam.

When the grinding and the fiberglass dust got to us we rented a condo and a golf cart for a few nights it was a real treat for the boys to have cable and for us to have A/C for even one night!

Well that's enough for now. Been one hell of a week. Hope to be on our way by the beginning of next week.
Vessel Name: Maewyn
Vessel Make/Model: Endeavour 42
Hailing Port: Prospect, NS, Canada
Crew: Gary, Heather, Arleigh and Sam
About: Gary, Heather, Arleigh and Sam dream of warmer waters. Currently living life aquatic in Prospect NS and have returned from our year on the boat. Will keep the blog going locally but hope to do another trip in the future.
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