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North Carolina here we ... opps nope Hi Cape Canaveral

19 May 2016
Well our crossing of the banks went well. Just as we were getting into the gulf stream heading north I got on the HF radio for the evening weather talk with Chris Parker. This was the first night we got through to him. His first words of advice were to get into port before the end of the day tomorrow to avoid a hell of a lot of bad weather. Sooo we decided to turn left and head across the gulf and get into Cape Canaveral. It is a wide open port that we can get in at any weather or tide.
The night was full of interesting thunder storms but nothing too bad. We got to Canaveral in the morning the next day sailing right up to the port.

We stopped at the Canaveral Yacht Club to check in with customs and met Tim and his family. They live aboard there and Tim took us along with his son Caleb out to see the close by display of movie props and working cars. Then out for an Ice cream. It was great but we decided after the worst of the Thunder storms cleared out to move on into the ICW again to make Northing while the winds were not favorable.

Not ideal but functional. Still had some fun though. We have found during this trip that the last minute changes are the ones you actually learn or gain something from. You end up places with people you didn't plan on and have a great time!

By the way Sam wants this truck for home.
Vessel Name: Maewyn
Vessel Make/Model: Endeavour 42
Hailing Port: Prospect, NS, Canada
Crew: Gary, Heather, Arleigh and Sam
About: Gary, Heather, Arleigh and Sam dream of warmer waters. Currently living life aquatic in Prospect NS and have returned from our year on the boat. Will keep the blog going locally but hope to do another trip in the future.
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