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On the road again

23 May 2016
After a top up of everything including some new shoes for Arleigh (Who knew he kept growing even when he wasn’t wearing any) we departed St. Augustine for a long trip north. We had set our sights on Beaufort NC and we weren’t turning back! It turned out to be mainly a motor and what a long one it was. With very little wind we motored or motor sailed pretty much 90% of the way. Along the way we saw lots of Dolphins which I took to be a great sign of things to come.
Along the way we had wonderful sunny weather and I decided to try my hand at fishing again. It took a while but all of a sudden the reel spun like crazy. I got back to the rod in time to see a huge Mahi Mahi jump about 4 ft in the air then take off again. After a huge struggle to get the fish into the boat (This included ripping the reel completely clear of the rod and breaking our net) I decided to try hauling him up by the line. It was a 75lb test so I figured it wouldn’t break. Well guess again! He got away. We all agreed he had to have been 4 ft long and I know he was at least 40-50 lbs! a female was following him around while we were reeling him in. Heather thought it was out of concern but I figure she was telling him “I told you you shouldn’t have put that in your mouth;>”
The watches were a new thing for the boys as this was a 4 day trip. So we decided for sam to do the evening watch with Mom until dark and I would wake Arleigh early in the morning. This worked well with Heather and Sam talking up a storm. Arleigh being so responsible and capable was able to take over the watch from me while I caught a quick cat nap in the Cockpit allowing both Heather and I to catch up on sleep.
As we were approaching Beaufort we realized that the weather was actually going to be pretty darn good to keep moving. So after a few quick fuel calculations we kept right on going out and around Cape Hatteras. This turned out to be a perfect night for it and we saved about 4 days going through the ICW otherwise.
We still didn’t get much wind and those careful fuel calculations were certainly needed as we ended up using the spare 5 gallon Jerry to avoid sucking air from the sloping tanks. With the wind behind us we needed to run the engine to get us into Virginia Beach before dark. Considering we left St Augustine with 90 Gallons of Fuel we had to fill 86 Gallons in Virginia!!!
Vessel Name: Maewyn
Vessel Make/Model: Endeavour 42
Hailing Port: Prospect, NS, Canada
Crew: Gary, Heather, Arleigh and Sam
About: Gary, Heather, Arleigh and Sam dream of warmer waters. Currently living life aquatic in Prospect NS and have returned from our year on the boat. Will keep the blog going locally but hope to do another trip in the future.
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12 Islands in 14 Days!!! A whirl Wind trip.
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2 Days of training into New York from the boat. Heather is slightly excited!
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