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We are Home!!! (I'm sure a lot of you knew that as its been 1 1/2 weeks)

05 June 2016 | HOME!
We decided after clearing in at Shelburne what was another 15 hours after just doing 48 hrs and departed an hour later for an overnight run to Prospect!

After the rough ride it actually calmed down and we were able to have a glassy ride through the night to home. The fog was in thicker than ever but the good old radar held up.

When I came on watch we were making too good of time!! Definitely wanted to be well rested on arrival knowing full well our family would be waiting. So we had a slow burble for the last 4 hours in, a great big bacon and eggs breakfast and a quick cleaning of the boat.

On coming through the outer islands of Prospect we were greeted by the sun coming out and the fog clearing away and our neighbours Dave and Karen bombing out in Dave's boat to welcome us home. After weaving through the rocks in the cove we tied up to our mooring with our folks waving at us frantically from the dock. The welcome wagon was certainly there. We went to my folks for lunch and then to Heathers for supper. Everyone was very happy to see us home in one piece.

It was a bittersweet ending to a great, tumultuous trip. Nice to be home but the list of things to do just to get back into the swing of things is daunting. A week and a half later we are still scrambling! Back to the hectic world.

It took us the next day to strip most of the boat and bring our stuff back into the house. That's when we realized we don't have much furniture left and will have to pick up lots!

We decided to go camping the next weekend as a lot of our friends would be there and it would get us away from the house and the hectic. It certainly did! Had a blast and can already see we will probably have more of a summer of camping than boating.

Its good to be home!!!!
Vessel Name: Maewyn
Vessel Make/Model: Endeavour 42
Hailing Port: Prospect, NS, Canada
Crew: Gary, Heather, Arleigh and Sam
About: Gary, Heather, Arleigh and Sam dream of warmer waters. Currently living life aquatic in Prospect NS and have returned from our year on the boat. Will keep the blog going locally but hope to do another trip in the future.
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