09 July 2011 | San Francisco, USA
06 July 2011 | Monterey, California, USA
29 June 2011 | Santa Barbara, California, USA
17 June 2011 | San Diego, California
16 June 2011 | Northern Baja, Mexico
14 June 2011 | Turtle Bay, Baja, Mexico
12 June 2011 | Past Magdalena Bay, Baja, Mexico
11 June 2011 | Cabo Los Puertos, Mexico
05 June 2011 | Cabo Del San Jose,Baja, Mexico
28 May 2011 | La Cruz Marina, Puerto Vallarta, Mexico
19 May 2011 | Barra De Navidad, Mexico
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06 May 2011 | Oaxaca city, Mexico
03 May 2011 | Huatulco, Mexico
27 April 2011 | Puerto Chiapas, Southern Mexico
23 April 2011 | Bahia Del Sol, El Salvador
21 April 2011 | Golfo De Fonseca, El Salvador,Honduras,Nicaragua
19 April 2011 | Playa Del Cocos, Northern Costa Rica
18 April 2011 | Quepos

Animals of the Land and Sea

01 February 2010 | Havelock Island, Andaman Islands, India
One morning I woke up and looked out my window, "where was I"?
I was in India. But not the mainland. And when we went into town it was very funny because in the middle of the streets you could see cows, goats, cats and dogs, just lying there just enjoying themselves like they were sitting down in a meadow of grass. They didn't seem to care about the traffic and all the noise and everything. One goat that I saw, he was walking down the sidewalk and then stopped and ate little things from the garbage. A lot of them do that, cows too. I am so happy they do not eat meat here. But they milk the cows. And I stopped at a little place where there was a sugar cane juice machine. I had a cupful, it was delicious, yum yum, yum.
Then we went to the museum. It was nice in there but first there was a big shop. Then you go in and you'll see a big hole in the ground, and they're putting an elevator in there.
And guess what? There was even a row of old music instruments. My favorite was the buffalo bell. It was a piece of wood with little shaved pieces of wood in the bottom, and when you put it around the neck of an elephant it goes, clink clonk, clink clonk, it's a very nice sound, like a wind chime. Then at the end we signed our name in the visitor's book. I like filling stuff in the visitor's book, I think it's very interesting. Next we went to a jail. It was almost like a museum and not very much like a jail atal. All it was, was pictures and pictures of old people. I didn't think that was very interesting. But then I thought the garden was interesting but it was kind of scary because that is where people would sit down and watch the bad person hang and die. We went up to the cells and all it was inside, is a corner with a hole which is their bathroom and just chains where you would hang on the wall, and if you broke out you're still in the same old room. Nobody could break that difficult rusty lock out. We went up to the amazing freedom of high air and then just when I was about to reach the end I had a person who grabbed me and asked if I wanted to have a picture taken. I said "yes", and then every person who came to see the jail had to take a picture of me, and I even had to hold their baby. Then I went back to Magnum and bla bla bla with a whole other story in Port Blair.
Then finally I got to come out to the islands. It is beautiful here, it's the most beautiful place I've seen in my travels. In one bay where we are now it's just a paradise bay. You could go for hikes and see elephants and surf waves, snorkel and even catch squid. I would like to tell you about the chiefs if you would like to know about that:
When I looked out at all the squid around the boat, I would put my lure in the circle and then the chiefs, there is always 3 chiefs and 5 other spare ones, but they stay in the group.
And the 3 chiefs are always watching the others going around the lure and biting and catching. They are watching under the boat where the shade is like most royalty fish. When the chief is ready to attack the lure you just try to get their attention.
He tells the others when he's going to attack the lure. They make a circle around the boat, a big perfect circle like a full moon. Then you put the lure inside the circle and wait for the chief to attack. When he is ready he swims straight for it as fast as he can and bites it and you've got the chief, and when you eat that chief you are the chief of your boat. Those squid when you catch them are very strong, they can nearly break your rod. But I managed to pull him up, they are not too strong. One night we put some chicken on the lure with a little head light where the rod was. Just when we were about to have a bite of our dinner, the rod was going crazy. Uwe and I went out to deal with it, Anne is not so keen on doing it, that is why she stays inside. We pulled him up and he was so heavy he could almost slip out of your hands. He was a big fat grouper. I knew it was a female by looking at her face, her mouth and her eyes.
One morning we got a call on the radio from our friends Crystal Blues. They are anchored at the other end of the bay. They said "elephant on the beach, having a bath in the little lagoon". By the time we got there he wasn't in the lagoon anymore he was having a drink at the tap. He was very nice. I think that he didn't even feel the chains wrapped around him. He put his trunk under the water tap for quite a long time to fill it up, and pulled it up and put it into his mouth and it was sounding like a big waterfall. We took a few pictures and one lady pulled my arm again and asked for another picture. Then she let me go. Then we saw a big group of other people and Uwe said to me, "we better go back in case they wanted to take my picture like at the jail". I said "yeah thanks".
We swam to the dinghy and I drove the dinghy all the way back to Magnum. We had a shower and did the rest of school, got dressed and went fishing but didn't catch any cos there are no squid now cos we ate them all, but I don't eat them just catch them cos I'm half vegetarian. And then here I am writing this whole thing, like I always say in every blog. Thank you ladies and gentleman, and kids of all kinds, and every type of boat for listening.
Vessel Name: Magnum
Vessel Make/Model: Peterson 44
Hailing Port: San Francisco
Crew: Uwe Anne Kara
About: Anne Crowley Kara Dobers
Extra: http://www.sailblogs.com/gallery/magnum
Home Page: http://www.sailmagnum.com
Magnum's Photos - Magnum: Anne Crowley,Uwe Dobers, Kara Dobers (Main)
A much more exciting transit than the Suez canal 9 months earlier, another epic moment in the voyage as we re entered the Pacific Ocean
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Created 28 May 2011
We spent an enjoyable 2 weeks exploring these close knit group of islands, home to the Kuna Indians. It was the first time in a while that we felt like we were cruising and not racing to get somewhere. Many cruising boats chose to make it their home by staying long periods of time. The Kuna's still live in a very traditional way, and create the most intricate sewing cloths called "molas". We hooked up with other kid boats, which pleased us all, and Kara certainly enjoyed her last taste of island life
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Created 27 March 2011
The passage from Aruba to Colombia can be one of the roughest passages in the world, thankfully ours was not too bad, as we paid close attention to the weather. We sailed direct to the big city of Cartagena, and took the bus to the old city of Santa Marta
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Created 27 March 2011
Late at night on December 23rd 2010, we made landfall at St.Lucia, 22 days after leaving Canary Islands, with a 2 night rest at Cape Verde in between. We were tired but happy to have made it in time for Santa's arrival. Daniel and Philippine flew in from SF and joined us for Christmas and came aboard to sail down through the Grenadines with us. We continued on to Grenada with brief stops at the Dutch Antilles islands of Bonaire, Curacao and Aruba.
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Created 15 January 2011
First stop in the Canary Islands was Lanzarote, followed by Fuerteventura and then to the Capital of Las Palmas to await weather to Cape Verde. We had 2 short nights in Mindelo, before the Atlantic crossing to the Carribbean
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Created 15 January 2011
At tip south end of mainland Spain lies the British territory of Gibraltar. It marked the end of the Meditteranean, and entrance to the Atlantic Ocean
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Created 15 January 2011
Our first stop in Spain was at the Balearic Island of Menorca. From there we continued rapidly through Mallorca, Ibiza and Formentera, before arriving at mainland Spain. We left Magnum in Alicante and took the plane to visit beautiful Barcelona. Halloween was spent in Cartegena befor continuing on to Gibraltar.
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Created 15 January 2011
Stops at both Sicily and Sardinia were brief, but enjoyable nonetheless. The island of Favignana, off Sicily was just beautiful as were the quiet anchorages in southern Sardinia, especially with the end of high season
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Created 22 October 2010
A quick detour to Malta to pick up our mainsail made us glad to see the old city of Valetta
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Created 22 October 2010
We meandered slowly through the Dodecanese, Cyclades and Peleponnese islands, together with Kleiner Bar. Despite the high winds in some places and the high temperatures, it was a truly enjoyable few weeks
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Created 22 October 2010
Reaching Turkey was greeted by all with relief, and a feeling of returning to civilisation. Delicious food, warm waters, wonderful anchorages and many things ancient
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Created 23 August 2010
After arriving in Turkey in late May, we took a break from the boat to visit our families and enjoy the comforts of land for a month
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Created 23 August 2010
From the endless desert to the ancient temples of Luxor,endless baksheesh in the suez canal; A box of contrasts.
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Created 25 May 2010
After crossing the Gulf Aden, Eritrea was our first introduction to the east coast of Africa. From the Italian colonial feel of Eritrea's Port Massawa to the remoteness of Sudan, both countries were certainly unique. In Sudan, taking pictures was sometimes difficult as most Sudanese expressed great reluctance toward it, so we eventually put the camera away.
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Created 21 May 2010
After Maldives, it was a 12 day sail into Oman, in completely new surroundings. After managing to go through the pirated Gulf of Aden, we arrived in Aden, Yemen, another new experience
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Created 11 April 2010
From Sri Lanka we sailed to the Northern Most Atoll of the Maldives Islands called Uligan. We swam and relaxed for 7 days in this slice of paradise, clear water and tons of fish
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Created 13 March 2010
From Galle Harbor, we took a 5 day trip inland via train, and bumpy buses with our companions on Kleiner Bar
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Created 11 March 2010
From Phuket Thailand, we began our progression west, our first stop being the beautiful and remote Andaman Islands, a welcome break from the chaotic and busy Phuket
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Created 25 February 2010
From Langkawi Malaysia, it was a brief trip up to the first island in Thailand,south of Phuket. We spent Christmas on the west side of Phuket, at Nai Han Bay with my sister and family. Travel in Thailand was limited,as the passage to the Indian Ocean beckoned by January.
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Created 9 January 2010
From Indonesia, we motored our way through the maze of the busy shipping lane of the Malacca Strait, and into glitzy Singapore for a brief stop. We then continued along the Malacca strait on the west side of Malaysia stopping at Pangkor, Georgetown (Penang) and finally on to the last Malaysian island of Langkawi.
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Created 8 January 2010
From Ashmore Reef, we sailed north toward Central Indonesia to Rinca and then sailed the southern route to Lombok and Bali. From there we sailed north in the Java Sea to the last exit port of Indonesia to the Island of Batam
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Created 19 October 2009
Our first stop at an Ocean reef, Ashmore reef, still part of Australia, although closer to Indonesia, did not dissappoint. We spent about 5 great days here.
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Created 8 September 2009
Our last passage in Australia brought up along the reefs of Eastern Austrlalia, around the rugged top end of Cape York to our last port of call in Australia:Darwin
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Created 27 July 2009
As we left New South Wales, we moved slowly up the Coast towards Queensland, haven of wonderful weather and sandy beaches
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Created 22 June 2009
Pictures from our first port of entry at Coffs Harbour. We then made our way down the coast to Sydney where we spent Christmas and New Year. We took a road trip to Melbourne for 2 weeks in January. Then toward the end of Febuary we sadly left Sydney and progressed back north.
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Created 27 February 2009
From the Loyalty Islands of Lifou, Mare, then the Capital of Noumea and the Idyllic Isle De Pins Further South
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Created 10 December 2008
Vanuatu's Capital Port Vila where Kara celebrated her 6th Birthday, and Islands of Malekula and Espirito Santo
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Created 22 October 2008
Our First Destination in Vanuatu was Tanna, home of the Mt Yasur Volcano
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Created 10 September 2008
A few pictures from Viti Levu on Fiji's Western Side
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Created 20 August 2008
We left the boat in Tauranga and drove to Wellington, where we took the ferry to the South Island. We completed the circle of the South Island by going down the West Coast and back up the East Coast
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Created 31 March 2008
Our first trip in the North Island brought us From Tauranga to Roturua, Hamilton,Waitomo Caves,Galatea, Taupo,Whakatane
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Created 23 January 2008
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