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22 July 2010 | Amsterdam

Trips to Holland

22 July 2010 | Amsterdam
Peter Herrera / Winter

It's still early. Cold air penetrating the bone, though the sun was shining brightly in the blue sky Affairs Windmills, Netherlands. That morning I walked along the pier, looking for a sailboat I have ever lease a year ago.

A few days before I left for Amsterdam, I've been giving the news will be renting boats. Although not among those who like to plan activities, but to be a guest in the Netherlands should we tell our arrival a few days earlier. This has been a European tradition.

Sweet Water

In the distance I saw an old sailor and his family welcomed me with a wave. I immediately ran over to them. We also go out to sea after sea traffic signs give the green light. In the Netherlands, did not just land that has a sign. But in the ocean exists. The sailors here are being recorded by the maritime security. They are also required to park your boat and the boat neatly.

Dutch flag colors seen in sharp contrast with the color of the sky, sea, timber ships and boats. White clouds that look not so much. A cold wind blew fresh. It's beautiful. In contrast to the sea in the ground water that tastes salty, sea here tends to taste sweeter. That's why they call it 'sweet water'. I "tried to touch the sea water from the vessel and absurdly cold brrrr .... Looks like the remnants of winter are still remaining.

Sailing Over A Decade

This family had four boats are rented out to tourists screen. However, of all ships, these ships are so proud of them. The first ship is 100 years old and over, "Jacobs Schelp" in 1899. Conditions are still very good. Here the ship was unfit to sail should be 'dimuseumkan' alias discarded.

Inside the ship there are beds, kitchen, toilet and table and chairs for writing. Being outside, there is a table which is used for eating, drinking and joking. That day we traveled around Holland. Remember, not all regions in the Netherlands practically Holland. Only certain areas only, before finally expanded.

We had lunch on board. Tomato soup served with bread as an appetizer. After that, the sandwiches with a variety of content, such as chicken, duck, salmon and pork. We ate the meal like a big happy family. After that, I had tried to steer the ship. Well, it's very manly! While the ship's captain who was 72 years old I was accompanying his wife who was half her age, brought coffee, tea and cheese slices. Yum!

This family had nine children. The ninth is Elke, who was the only child they are interested in sailing from the outset. At the age of 9 years, Elke asked to quit school to go sailing. Since then he taught by his mother to keep the state can take the exam. At present she was only 12 years old, but with so skilfully he been able to open the display board.

Time for Adventure

After sailing in the afternoon I was strolling around the City of Amsterdam who happened to hold the carnival. Since the stomach is hungry, I'd immediately buy a waffle covered in chocolate and nuts are sold in these carnivals. Waffle shape his big, nearly as wide as my face, making me eat glut.

The cold air made me buy a beer to warm the body. Understandably, this is the price of a bottle of beer cheaper than bottled water because of the need to warm the body with Higher alcohol. Then I take the opportunity to try some games that are available at the carnival. When at home we know the night market, something like this is a night market in the Netherlands, similar Dufan with all the rides she exclaimed.

Opening Insights & Knowledge

Not far from the carnival area, there is a monumental sculpture symbolizing the shackles of homosexuals in the past. Fortunately, now the gays in the Netherlands are able to enjoy independence. That is why some gay couples from Indonesia are often married here because it is legal.

In addition, there are some other things that can not be happening on the ground water that can be freely enjoyed here. But of course with the regulations, age limits and guarded behavior. For example a store that sells various types of marijuana from various countries. Then the center of a famous brothel under the name "Red Light District", where women are mostly from Eastern Europe were displayed in glass windows throughout the area.

Even this district is equipped theaters, museums and shops selling sexual support needs. All this freedom can be trusted to keep prostitution occurs in certain places only and do not hang around drunks in public areas that could disturb public order.

But be careful if you want to take pictures at the Red Light District, because they are very 'camera conscious', even though you took a picture of a candid. So they will likely charge a pretty made bankrupt.

Although we had been colonized by the Dutch during the 3.5-century, but apparently a lot of difference between this country and our homeland. Here is very democratic, where politics and religion do not mingle with each other, but respect everyone's right. Where higher taxes and insurance are required.

Where the car park to reach EUR 4 per hour and house rents are very high. Where health and education a priority country and so forth. Certainly different from the atmosphere in the ground water. Apparently 16 million people manage more easily than to set 220 million people. Various things I learned here. Adventure in the land of people just open our insight and knowledge.

Shopping & Going Around

I also got into a stall that sells secondhand books be sold at a price of EUR 5 to EUR 15. In addition to books, the store also sells clothing, household tools and antiques. Exciting shopping there. And for a walk, I often ride my bike like many other Dutch citizens.

Besides cycling, I am also using a public facility that is very popular and populist in the Netherlands, the tram. For the tram ride, we could pay 1.6 EUR per trip (in town), or purchase a ticket costing EUR 6.5 to several times of travel. We submit to this ticket for the tram driver stamped, after we mentioned earlier stops us. Uniquely, this ticket can also be used to take the bus.

To go to museums, galleries and tourist attractions, ticket prices ranging between EUR 4 and EUR 15. Rates for children and adults of course different. Some museums, galleries and tourist attractions operate on certain days only. Usually in the summer, they open longer. But this can be checked via their website.

Do not forget to also leave money around EUR 35 for a cab to the airport when the by-by you quite a lot. But for the backpacker, the airport can also be reached by bus or tram.

Thus, for adventure seekers here, please start saving from now for next spring!

Tips on Traveling Holland

If you want to visit, should call or give the news a few days earlier. If not, they have the right to reject or accept you!

Take the tram route map and map of the city you will visit the station or terminal.

Tram and bus tickets can be purchased at the central station in every city and also in shops with the symbols of the ticket. Flights travel between cities and between neighboring countries can also be purchased there.

Cheapest transportation in addition to trams and buses are on foot! Never hesitate to walk.

If you want to while exercising, bike hire. Can also follow the tour around the city by bike with the other tourists. Here the bike path is also provided with a bicycle symbol on the asphalt.

Be careful to park bicycles. Level of bicycle theft is quite high because the price quite expensive bike. Also, find out also the location of a bicycle repair shop and a store that sells bike accessories.

To visit the museums, galleries and tourist attractions, you should visit them first to find out the days and opening hours and admission prices.

Public toilets are provided on some streets, but be prepared to spend a small fee to use it. Indeed there is also free, but free is generally for men only.

For those of you who do not consume pork, here many restaurants and fast food are halal. Average purchase price of food such as sandwiches, kebabs, French fries are a minimum of EUR 8.

Tap water can be drunk with hot and cold temperature settings.

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