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Abaco bound

11 April 2010 | Hope Town
Life aboard our boat is very different from a terra firma existence in many ways. By far the biggest difference is in regards to weather. When planning our itinerary the main influencing factor is the weather. It dictates where, when and how we move about or in many situations remain anchored. We had planned to spend the week in the Exuma's but when a good "weather window" open up for the 150 mile trip to the Abaco's our plans went out the window or hatch on our boat. We departed Warderick Wells and raised the sails pointing our bow northward. Three days later with overnight stops in Allen's Cay to see the iguanas and score a dozen conch for dinner, with the following night at Royal Island. The next day we sailed 60 miles to arrive just before sunset in the Abaco's with our anchor firmly set off Lanyard Cay. It was nice to sail the entire way as opposed to Jan. and Feb. when we usually had to motor everywhere. The Abaco's have been great the three nights we've been here, by far the most amazing coral reefs we've seen anywhere. Yesterday we did a drift snorkel, we hung on to lines from our dingy and used the current to drift over a reef almost a ½ mile long. We were treated to seeing large Eagle rays with wing spans over six feet, several Barracudas over5 foot long, a turtle and every color reef fish imaginable. There were large canyons of Elkhorn coral with the corals upper branches towering over 20 feet from the bottom, purple Fan coral gently swaying in the current and huge Brain coral heads over 10 feet in diameter. It was nice to see a truly healthy reef system after seeing so much damaged and dying reefs. Currently we are on a mooring in Hope Town which is by far one of the most picturesque harbors we've been to, I'll take some pictures and post them. We are off to Tahiti Beach for the afternoon so Hoku can play with some of the kids on other boat we met here, Aloha.
Vessel Name: Makana
Vessel Make/Model: Admiral Excutive 38
Hailing Port: Camden, Maine
Crew: Rick, Katie & Hoku
About: We launched Makana in Aug. 2006 and have taken her from South Africa to the Caribbean, Bahamas, US East Coast to Maine.
Extra: We offer custom charters in Maine during the summer and Bahamas during the winter.
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Makana's Photos -

The Crew

Who: Rick, Katie & Hoku
Port: Camden, Maine