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21 November 2014 | Hammock Dunes NC
We re-launched Makana in Goregetown, MD a little over a week ago and have been steadily making our way south. We’ve made the trip from Maine to the Bahamas close to a dozen times and every trip has had its “moments”. And so far, this year‘s trip has carried on the tradition. In the past week we’ve experienced fog which made that in Maine seem like sunshine, almost daily small craft advisories, gale warnings, tornado warnings, freeze and “hard” freeze warnings, sleet, squalls with rain so intense I could not see the front of our boat from the cockpit and a grand total so far of 7 hours of motoring in calm warm winds with full sunshine. The lowest temp I’ve seen so far was the 19.7 degrees this past Wed. morning prior to sunrise and I wish I could say that was degrees C! We do have a “heater” aboard Makana which sort of “warms” the inside cabin while the generator is running, which we use each evening and morning for an hour or two. However catamarans are more enjoyable while cruising in the tropics than the cold. We’ll such is the cruising lifestyle at least I get to enjoying cocktails at sunset.
Vessel Name: Makana
Vessel Make/Model: Admiral Excutive 38
Hailing Port: Camden, Maine
Crew: Rick, Katie & Hoku
About: We launched Makana in Aug. 2006 and have taken her from South Africa to the Caribbean, Bahamas, US East Coast to Maine.
Extra: We offer custom charters in Maine during the summer and Bahamas during the winter.
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The Crew

Who: Rick, Katie & Hoku
Port: Camden, Maine