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28 July 2013 | Home
01 May 2013 | Lake St. Clair
19 March 2013 | Detroit
19 March 2013

Catching up

28 July 2013 | Home
I have been sailing every chance I get. The weather has been a pain.
I made it to Sindbads. It was freezing, wind and I hit everything in the marina. I gave up and backed the boat in. you need a ladder to get off the boats the docks are so high. I bent my bow pulpit and lost my clamp on light but had a blast.
My kids loved it.
My 5 yo sailed it, she is going to be a pro. I ran aground for the first time. I was wat,hi.g the sails and didn't notice where I was. I got too close to Peche Island. We got it off ok. I nailed a can broadside last week. I thought I had enough speed but I was wrong. The current on the Detroit river is pretty fast.
The fireworks were great. We anchored out and went swimming In Lake St. Claie. Tiffany sailed it back in and did a great job.
No major trips yet but it was fun. The boat is solid and sails well. She likes wind and can hold her own in stronger winds.

sailing at last

01 May 2013 | Lake St. Clair
I have been taking it out. The people at the marina are great.
My first sail we went out to the lake and came back. It was me, my son Tyler, my daughter Alyssa, and Martin. He has been a great help. He started last year and is new also. Between us both we get it. We got up the main sail and went to the lake and back. It was a blast.

The next sail Nate , Penny, Martin and myself went out. Winds were light. We ran the small jib and main. After a bit we changed to the Genoa. The sheets and blocks are a bit funky but we still got it up alright. By the way back we were tacking fine. It is fun with more people. We got a small gust and the boat picked up some.
Entering the harbor it was getting dark and my lights were a little lacking. I think they USCG agreed. They shined us till a bass boat blasted by in the no wake zone. We hax a great time. Nate was awesome at reading the wind. Another great time. We went further out this time passing the light house.

The master plan

19 March 2013 | Detroit
Tony Cold
Well here is the plan, I am going to.take this.little boat everywhere I can. I am on the Detroit River across from Belle Isle so my first trip will be to Sindbads to eat. I won't even have to put the sails up.

There are so.many places go and see. They race on Lake St. Clair every week. The river is cool. Lake Erie, Lake Michigan, Mackinac, Ceder Point, Put n Bay, and that is all in my backyard.
I want to take it to N.C. for a month around Cape Fear and the most important life altering trip is the Bahamas. Trailer it down to Florida and head to West end or Bimini I don't care both are better than Detroit in the winter.
I don't care where I go or get to as much as I go and get anywhere. Life Short.not
So follow my journeys and we will see together where I make it to. Now I an just waiting for the ice to melt. I will.have enough project to busy till then


19 March 2013
Tony frozen
This is the first blog or as Kirk would say "Captains log" I am starting to record my adventures with It, ldo my Cal 20. It is sitting in the Detroit River frozen in ice right now. I am waiting for the thaw.
They are solid boats and I looked at tons before picking this one. There were many that were newer, bigger, nicer,and a better value. I got her for a 1000 so not too bad of a start. She didn't have a motor or trailer so when you ad those I could.have picked up.a 25 to 29.
When I went down to the goatyard (that was not a misprint look it up on Google very cool) I met Stephen and Sue for.the first time. I was expecting some cheesy broker and instead they were a very likable couple in an older Toyota. I could Write all night on how cool they are and how much they are helping poor people like me get on the water.
I saw The first Cal I liked it very clean looking. We walked around a looked at many nice boats and a few beat ones. I liked them all but none jumped.out at me. We went down the street to.the marina and I saw her and new this.was my boat and the beginning of a friendship
Vessel Name: It'ldo
Vessel Make/Model: Cal 20
Hailing Port: Detroit Mi
Crew: Tony
About: I have been daysailing small.lasers sunfish etc. and am ready to travel the world. I don't care if I go a block up the river or another country it is.all fun and an adventure. Although in Detroit I can go a block and another country.
Extra: Follow my adventures sailing as I explore. I want go anywhere and.everywhere my little.boat can take me.
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Who: Tony
Port: Detroit Mi