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The heat is on

02 September 2014
We have returned from our "Games" in Scotland. Great event for us, even the British press gave up looking for the negative story in Glasgow, and embraced the atmosphere!
While Yvonne was mixing it with Nicola Benedetti, Rod Stewart and Lulu I was transporting 40 Scottie Dogs all over Glasgow, mad stuff!

I flew back to Aguadulce a week before Yvonne to do the out of water work on Malibu. New experience trying to work in 30 plus degrees. Worse then to sleep in the oven that is a hull out of water in a Spanish August! Had to run the bilge pump to bale out the sweat running off me servicing the Blakes seacocks! Polished and antifouled she was quickly relaunched. As soon as Yvonne arrived we headed off to anchor since the Marina was just stifling.

A word to other cruisers; we almost ended up in Almerimar for our break but were advised to try Aguadulce just a few miles East. It is infinitely more attractive, the staff in the yard and reception superb, the toilets and showers the best we have seen, the security excellent. Best of all they matched Almerimar price!

We anchored just south of Cabo da Gata for a night, a couple of nights at Cala San Pedro (shortage of swimwear very apparent) and then Punta de la Azohia. Lovely clean warm water for swimming, light winds and so far no swell! We enjoyed some good but slow upwind sails - quite happy to spend the days at sea to keep cool!

We sailed past the Hotel pictured above which has become the focus of a major debate in Spain. It was apparently built without the proper licences and like many other Spanish properties has been ordered to be demolished. Greenpeace painted the big black circle on the building- 8,000sq metres of black paint to promote their campaign. When we sailed past however the ilegal read legal? (Our photo didn't work out so I've borrowed Greenpeace's) Transpires that the locals, who are in favour of the hotel and the jobs it may bring, bought their own wee pot of black paint and filled in the i.....!

Leaving now to sail overnight for Formentera, then onto Ibiza and Palma at the end of the month before we melt!
Vessel Name: Malibu
Vessel Make/Model: Oyster 406
Hailing Port: Troon
Crew: Andrew and Yvonne
About: Andrew and Yvonne have upped sticks and left Scotland in their floating home heading South plan flexible!
Extra: The purpose of our blog is primarily to keep family and friends informed of our whereabouts and activities. You can see our last reported position on "Maps" plotted on google earth.
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Who: Andrew and Yvonne
Port: Troon