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Jellies and Frogs

29 June 2015
Spent most of June anchored out round Menorca.... living cheap. The weather has been fairly settled mid 20's every day, an odd shower, one thunderstorm. The anchorages are almost all Cala's with nice wee beaches, which are open to swell from at least one direction. The trick is to keep a very close eye on the weather and keep moving round the Island to stay in the lea. Not as easy as it sounds with the wind directions very unpredictable beyond a day or two.

My swimming pool see above, which is generally clear glistening blue has been invaded on a few days by jellies. The first sting I received from a blob no bigger than my fist proved incredibly painful. I now need to put my glasses on and do a jelly watch before my morning dip! The Spanish, ever tiding, have little jelly patrol boats with nets trawling to keep them under control! They realise they are torment to their precious tourist business.

I managed to visit The Fiesta of San Juan in Ciutadella on June 23rd/24th. Anchoring within the harbour to get ashore for the festivities and see the old city at its most colourful. The fiesta is famed for the daring equestrian displays in the streets....Reminded me of New Year in Edinburgh but with horse poo on the cobbles!

Called away from all this lazing to deliver a new Jenneau 50ds from France back to Mahon....a quick flight, a double decker train ride at 300 KM and a taste of French arrogance/ignorance.... Prefer the Jellies to the Frogs!
Vessel Name: Malibu
Vessel Make/Model: Oyster 406
Hailing Port: Troon
Crew: Andrew and Yvonne
About: Andrew and Yvonne have upped sticks and left Scotland in their floating home heading South plan flexible!
Extra: The purpose of our blog is primarily to keep family and friends informed of our whereabouts and activities. You can see our last reported position on "Maps" plotted on google earth.
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Who: Andrew and Yvonne
Port: Troon