Maly Voyage 2007


22 August 2007 | Back in Sydney
02 August 2007 | Airlie Beach
19 July 2007 | Nara Inlet
08 July 2007 | Luncheon Bay
07 July 2007 | Hardies Reef
06 July 2007 | Luncheon Bay
05 July 2007 | Nara Inlet
04 July 2007 | Abel Point Marina
03 July 2007 | Airlie Beach
22 June 2007 | Back at Hamilton Island
09 June 2007 | CID Harbour
29 May 2007 | Hamilton Island Marina
28 May 2007 | Shaw Island, Whitsunday Group
26 May 2007 | Goldsmith Island
24 May 2007 | Brampton Island
23 May 2007 | Percy Island Group
22 May 2007 | Pearl Bay
19 May 2007 | Rosslyn, Yeepoon
17 May 2007 | Great Keppel Island
15 May 2007 | Lady Musgrave Island

Maly Voyage on hold!

22 August 2007 | Back in Sydney
Due to a family illness back home in Sydney, Monica and I have decided to put our voyage onhold for an indefinite period of time.

Glenerik is still up North, currently in Townsville, and I we will endeavour to get back to her ASAP.

Will update this blog once we know where we stand.

Bye for now, Frank.

11 Days with the Beaks

02 August 2007 | Airlie Beach
After a great 11 days, the Beaks departed Airlie Beach on the 2nd of August.

We spent a great time together, snorkelling around Butterfly Bay, Luncheons Bay and Manta Ray Bay.

The wind was up a little, so the open ocean was a little rough. We headed to Border Island after our adventures at Manta Ray Bay.

Border Island was a little uncomfortable (actually, due to the sea conditions, this was probably one of the most swelly mooring locations yet!!). The snorkelling was very good, with many caves tucked into the coral beds.

After Border Island we sea course for Whitehaven Beach. The first day was patchy sun, but the next day we ventured to Hill Inlet and the sun was shining. We saw many sting rays throughout the inlet.

After Whitehaven we travelled to Hamilton Island for a few days on land. Dinner, cocktails at One Tree Hill, go-karts, site seeing and shopping.... Had a great few days.... it was a great rest stop on the island.

Next we kept an eye on the weather and we were lucky enough to have calm conditions after all the SE winds that were blowing for many days. So we decided to head off to Knuckle Reef.

The trip out was very calm, and we made it to Knuckle Reef. I managed to talk to one of the captains of a charter boat and he gave me the waypoints to approaching Knuckle Reef. Sadly, it was very much overstated... the coral and fish life was far in superior to Hardies Reef. So on the way back from Knuckle Reef we stopped off at Hardies Reef. I radioed the Reef World pontoon and lucky enough they had a swing mooring available!

We made contact with the caretaker on the pontoon, (Chris) and he was extremely friendly and helpful. We went snorkeling within the Reefworld area (not as good as the outside area away from reefworld.... Anyway, it was good to do that as well.
That night we went back to the pontoon and had a few drinks with the guys on the pontoon and had a chat. It was great. The next morning they invited us to take a sub ride over the reef and to feed the very large Queensland Cod that lives under the pontoon.

The sub was great, a very different view of the reef.... Looks more like a large picture of the reef, rather that the view you get through your face mask when snorkeling.

Everyone had a great time snorkeling around Hardies Reef, probably the best snorkeling we have done. Next it was off to Butterfly Bay, and then back to Airlie Beach.

The Beaks departed on Thursday the 2nd of August, and how we plan to head off to Bowen and further north. Our next update will be when we arrive in Bowen (Monday the 6th)
Frank out...

The Clealls Arrive

19 July 2007 | Nara Inlet
Frank Maly
The weather is still fine, the sun is still shining and Marg and Eddie arrived at Hamilton Island on Saturday the 14th of July.

Before Marg and Eddie arrived we had a little drama with the oven door. The outside glass on the door just exploded!!! NO OVEN! So I ordered a new piece of glass andit arrived at Abel Point Marina. I attempted to install it 2 days ago and the bloody thing is the wrong size. Seems that someone at the manufacturer looked up the wrong part number.... Anyway, it's under control now and the correct piece of glass is on the way.

So, Marg and Eddie arrived at Hamilton, and we spent a few days on the island. Site seeing, eating out and Erik and Glen also played in the Hamilton Island Touch Footy day. They had lots of fun playing footy all day....

Monday morning we departed Hamilton and cruised over to Whitehaven Beach. I have been a little under the weather as I have caught a cold. Still trying to get over it!!!!

Marg and Monica went for a long walk on the beach at Whitehaven all the way to Hill Inlet. We plan to spend sometime at Hill Inlet next week.

After Whitehaven we moved further north back to the secret BIG SNAPPER HOLE!!!! where Helen caught her average sized snapper.

We drifted over the area again a few times but only came up with a spangled emperor (Glen caught it).

After are quick attempt at fishing we headed off to Abel Point Marina. Getting into Able Point in the dark is interesting.... not too difficult but I am glad I had been there in the daytime before entering at night!

Next day we needed to shop and stock up on food and grog, so we called for a maxi taxis to take us to Cannonvale shopping center. We have managed to get the same cabbie each time we have arrived at Abel Point. Nice guy, helps with the bags.... knows the drill!!

So we purchased half of Coles and made our way back to the boat.

Oh, also picked up the oven glass from the marina office (the incorrect one!!) and also picked up a new Ericsson 3G internet box with marine antenna (thanks to Angus from Salthouse that mentioned this box). Installed this and it works great. Now I have better 3G reception as I have a large antenna on top of the boat... also the Ericsson box supports wireless and now we are fully connected.... (this was an unpaid add for the Ericsson W25 3G Internet Box.....not sure if Cisco has one???)

Departed Abel Point Marina on Monday afternoon, destination, Stonehaven anchorage. Spent the night there (West side of Hook Island, just south of Hayman Island).

Next morning we headed off past Hayman (for a sticky beak...) and then onto Butterfly Bay.

At Butterfly Bay Marg, Ed and the boys went off to the beach while I tried to install the oven glass (unsuccessfully!!).

Eddie, the kids and I then installed the Ericsson box, and all the connections etc for the antenna while Marg and Monica went snorkelling. Marg needed a push from Erik to get her into the water...

The girls had a great time, although as the sun set, they had visions of a great white approaching.... the the calls came out, loud and clear, Come and pick us up, now!.... Glen went out on the tender and picked them up and saved them from the non-existent great white....

Had a nice night playing cards, watched a movie....

Next day we headed off to Manta Ray bay to feed the fish. Manta Ray bay is great for snorkelling, but it was a little windy that morning, so we decided to just feed the fish and look out for Fat Albert (a very large Maori Wrasse).

We then headed south towards Nara Inlet, as the wind had picked up. On our way down the west side of Hook Island (wind against tide) the waves were very choppy and peaky... about 1 to 2 metres... this was the first time we had any resemblance of poor conditions.... it was not that bad, just uncomfortable....

We made our way into Nara Inlet, which was a little more protected.... although with the SE wind blowing, it's not as calm as you would expect....

Check out the photo gallery for updates...

Frank, out
Vessel Name: Glenerik
Vessel Make/Model: Salthouse 55 Foot Motor Cruiser
Hailing Port: Port Hacking
Crew: Frank, Monica, Erik and Glen
About: Frank and Monica have set sail with their two childern, Erik (11) and Glen (10) have set sail for a 6 month, East Coast of Australia Cruise. Erik and Glen will "boat" school during this time.
Extra: The Maly's are off on a 6 month trip from Sydney to Thursday Island and return. Making our way slowly north, taking in many ports on the way. Visitors are very much weclome. Keep in contact.
Glenerik's Photos - Maly Voyage, 2007 (Main)
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IMG_1912: Sailboat on Catseye Beach
IMG_1934: Relaxing with a nice drink
IMG_1938: Knuckle Reef
IMG_1909: Catseye Beach view from One Tree Hill High Tide
IMG_1897: One Tree Hill looking over Whitsunday passage
IMG_1903: Whitsunday passage
IMG_1844: go-karts Jordon
IMG_1868: Jack, Fangio and Michael
IMG_1824: Go-karting at Hamilton Island. Erik lifting his inside wheel
IMG_1850: Go-karting at Hamilton Glen sliding
IMG_1639: Art Classes onboard... at Butterfly Bay
IMG_1652: How big!!?? Butterfly Bay
IMG_1726: Captain Glen with new anchor tatoo
DSC02940: Catseye beach at low tide
DSC02960: Cocktails at One Tree Hill Hamilton Island
DSC02961: Sunset One Tree Hill
DSC02989: Captain Beak searching for distant lands
DSC03044: Massive Fish... does this rival the big snapper??
DSC03045: Moonrise
DSC02804: Getting the tender ready
DSC02828: Hill inlet, at Whitehaven beach
DSC02847: Whitehaven Beach
DSC02909: At the Pool Hamilton Island
DSC02949: Cocktails at One Tree Hill
DSC02767: Jordon and Erik at Butterfly Bay
DSC02791: Sunset from Butterfly Bay
DSC02801: Look there... where?? it
DSC02741: Pirate ship....
DSC02696: Airlie Beach Frank and Steve
DSC02677: Airlie Beach Lagoon
P7150788: Caught an eel off the boat at Abel Point Marina
P3270046: Marg at Hamilton Island Marina
P3270062: Whitehaven Beach
IMG_1553: Malys and Clealls
IMG_1582: Love this photo. A distant sailboat passing at sunset
IMG_1594: Prawns for dinner at Butterfly Bay
P3260032: Touch Footy at Hamilton Island
IMG_1604: Glen and the fish feeding frenzy at Manta Ray Bay
IMG_1481: Sun and Sailboat
IMG_1545: Seaeagle
IMG_1472: Sunset from Stonehaven anchorage
IMG_1461: Glen caught the spangled emperor
IMG_1436: Sunset at One Tree Hill
IMG_1452: Night view at the marina, from Manta Ray Cafe
IMG_1410: Drinks at One Tree Hill.... waiting for the sunset
IMG_1414: Erik at One Tree Hill
IMG_4590: David and Helen
IMG_4572: Erik
IMG_4581: Glen
IMG_4586: Singing and dancing on the boat.... after a few drinks
IMG_4589: Helen and Frank
IMG_4558: Diving at Luncheon Bay
IMG_3328: Blue Pearl Bay
IMG_3333: Sawmill Bay
IMG_3318: Playing cards
IMG_3238: Helen
IMG_3239: David
IMG_3323: Butterflys
IMG_2266: Coral farm at Hardies Reef
IMG_2258: Hardies Reef
IMG_2264: Hardies Reef
IMG_2233: Glen diving at Hardies Reef
IMG_2237: Clam, at Hardies Reef
IMG_2210: Diving at Hardies Reef
IMG_2218: Diving at Hardies Reef
IMG_2222: Diving at Hardies Reef
IMG_2225: Hardies Reef
IMG_1293: Sunset at Hardies Reef
IMG_1302: Sunrise at Hardies Reef
IMG_1305: Glassy conditions at Hardies Reef
IMG_1339: The "Waterfall" once it is stable. This is when we left the lagoon
IMG_2284: Another view of the "Waterfall"
IMG_1181: Sunset at Luncheon Bay
IMG_1248: Fantasea pontoon at Hardies Reef
IMG_1256: The "Waterfall" at Hardies Reef. This is the entrance to the reef lagoon
IMG_1122: Erin
IMG_1125: Trolling
IMG_1138: Luncheon Bay
IMG_1145: Peak hour at Luncheons Bay
IMG_1116: Erik
IMG_1119: Glen
IMG_1120: Cameron
IMG_1123: The kids playing
IMG_1104: At Chalkies Beach Frank, Monica, Helen and David
IMG_1107: Setting sun at Chalkies Beach
IMG_1113: Snapper Dinner
IMG_1103: At Chalkies Beach Monica, Helen, David, Susan, Glenn
IMG_1067: Davids Catch
IMG_1077: Helens other catch
IMG_1086: Glens catch, Cod
IMG_1089: Glen catching his fish
IMG_1028: Dinner time, Erik Erin Glen and Cameron
IMG_1036: Adult Dinner Time
IMG_1057: Nara Inlet
IMG_1068: The Snapper
IMG_0985: Nara Inlet, Cave
IMG_0997: Nara Inlet
IMG_1017: Nara Inlet
IMG_1022: Nara Inlet
IMG_2165: Manta Ray Bay, Clam
IMG_2172: Manta Ray Bay, "Brain Coral"
IMG_2161: Manta Ray Bay, "mushroom coral"
IMG_2139: Manta Ray Bay
IMG_2147: Manta Ray Bay, Glen diving
IMG_2152: Manta Ray Bay, Glen, the bubble head!
IMG_2123: Manta Ray Bay
IMG_2137: Manta Ray Bay, Erik feeding the fish....
IMG_2073: Bait Reef
IMG_2117: Manta Ray Bay
IMG_2063: Bait Reef
IMG_2040: Bait Reef, coral and orange fish
IMG_2051: Clam
IMG_2062: Bait Reef
IMG_2030: Diving at Bait Reef
IMG_0690: Maori Wrasse, "big lips"
IMG_0700: Feeding the Maori Wrasse
IMG_0708: Petting the Wrasse
IMG_0654: On the way to Bait Reef, WHALES!!!!
IMG_0672: Whales
IMG_0675: Whales, very close now...
IMG_0687: At Bait Reef, Maori Wrasse taking a look at us
IMG_0774: Butterfly Bay from the beach
IMG_0789: Butterfly Bay, from the beach, looking out towards Bait Reef
IMG_0749: La Boheme departs (Glenn, Susanne and Elliott)
IMG_0766: Butterfly Bay
IMG_0632: Moonrise at Butterfly Bay
IMG_0639: Glen cooking dinner at Butterfly Bay
IMG_0647: Sunset at Butterfly Bay
IMG_0594: Sunset at Whitehaven Beach
IMG_0565: Whitehaven Beach
IMG_0573: Seaplane taking off from Whitehaven Beach
IMG_0602: Glenerik off Whitehaven Beach
IMG_0530: Departing Hamilton Island. Sun is up, wind is down, a beautiful day!
IMG_0426: Mon 40th... Group shot
IMG_0490: Abel Point Marina, Airlie Beach
IMG_0498: Trolling
IMG_0503: Fishing
IMG_0293: Mon 40th...mmmmmmmm
IMG_0360: Mon 40th...
IMG_0407: Mon 40th... the hippy family
IMG_0197: Mon 40th... Gary (Fat Bastard), Liz (Tina Turner) and Monica (Flower Girl)
IMG_9836: Hamilton, Moon Rise
IMG_9839: Hamilton, Sunset from One Tree Hill
IMG_9840: Hamilton, Rain cloud covering sunset
IMG_9843: Hamilton, Erik and Glen playing poker...
IMG_9810: Hamilton, At the pool
IMG_9818: Hamilton, One Tree Hill, Cocktails at sunset
IMG_9825: Hamilton, One Tree Hill, here comes the rain....
IMG_9828: Hamilton, Glen trying to hold onto the Pot of Gold!
IMG_9795: Hamilton, Shooting Range
IMG_9802: Hamilton, Glenerik berthed at the marina
IMG_9792: Hamilton, Shooting range
IMG_9797: Hamilton, Erik and Glen shooting at the shooting range
IMG_9754: Hamilton, Glen "Brabham" racing around the go-kart track
IMG_9755: Hamilton, Erik "Fanjio" racing around the go-kart track
IMG_9735: Dent Passage, leading to Hamilton Island
IMG_9742: Hamilton, Erik putting the fenders out, about to enter Hamilton Island
IMG_9653: Middle Percy Island
IMG_9657: Middle Percy Island, view from A frame back to Glenerik
IMG_9658: Middle Percy Island, Glenerik was here
IMG_9661: Middle Percy Island... playing "Lost", Glen making a spear to catch our lunch....
IMG_9642: Middle Percy Island
IMG_9650: Middle Percy Island, Glenerik at anchor
IMG_9651: Middle Percy Island. A Frame Structure
IMG_9634: Middle Percy Island. The A Frame structure houses all the memorabilia
IMG_9589: Pearl Bay, just north of Port Clinton
IMG_9593: Pearl Bay, boys made a yacht....
IMG_9602: Pearl Bay sunset
IMG_9622: On the way to Percy Islands. It was a little rough
IMG_9536: Rosslyn Bay, Marina Cafe, Monica and Glen
IMG_9551: Rosslyn, Marina Cafe.  Note how Glen jumps into the picture, cool effect...
IMG_9554: Rosslyn Bay.  Note the length of the mooring pole. The tides up here are huge... even bigger in Mackay
IMG_9557: Rosslyn Bay, Glen practising his roping skills
IMG_9529: Rosslyn, dinner at the Marina Cake....
IMG_9537: Rosslyn bay, bring on the carbs!
IMG_9539: Rosslyn Bay, Glen
IMG_9564: Rosslyn Bay, sunrise, looking from our berth across to this very large solid rock hill....
IMG_9508: Great Keppel, drinks at sunset
IMG_9517: Great Keppel Island, Fishermans Bay, Glenerik is in the centre of the photo
IMG_9526: Great Keppel Island. Had lunch there. Full of birds, this one decided to rest on Erik
IMG_9518: Great Keppel Island, at the beachside resort. Jumped off the boat for some lunch
IMG_9494: Heron Island, with a shop wreck adjacent to the small boat harbour
IMG_9497: Heron Island Resort
IMG_9389: Lady Musgrave Island
IMG_9396: Lady Musgrave, traveling out to the island
IMG_9416: Lady Musgrave, small chick nesting on Musgrave Island
IMG_9428: Lady Musgrave, Large groper around the boat
IMG_1855: Lady Musgrave, Monica and Frank about to jump in....
IMG_1870: Lady Musgrave, Glen snorkelling
IMG_1884: Lady Musgrave, lots of fish, lots of coral...
IMG_1894: Lday Musgrave, Brain Coral
IMG_9345: Bundaberg, Mothers Day lunch on the boat. Prawns and Golden Strip Snapper
IMG_9346: Bundaberg, Erik just lazing around...
IMG_9349: Bundaberg, John and Sue from Noosa
IMG_9351: Bundaberg, Monica having a drink, a Bundy and Ginger Beer, they call this a Dark and Stormy up here....
IMG_9307: Bundaberg Port Marina
IMG_9309: At the Sugar Museum in Bundy
IMG_9322: Bundaberg Rum
IMG_9329: Judy and Joes house, Bundaberg
IMG_9306: On the way from Urangan to Bundaberg
IMG_9281: Shark Show
IMG_9293: Along the Esplanade at Urangan, Hervey Bay
IMG_9299: Hervey Bay
IMG_9278: Entrance to the Vic Hislop Shark Show
IMG_9246: Shipwreck on Fraser Island
IMG_9257: The boys on the beach, East Beach, Fraser Island
IMG_9258: At Kingfisher Bay. Early morning... A whole bunch of Riviera Owners were on a cruise together... they all decided to spend the night/day here...
IMG_9243: Shipwreck on Fraser Island
IMG_9155: The wharf at Kingfisher Bay Resort, Fraser Island
IMG_9211: Rainforest, at Central Station, Fraser Island
IMG_9236: 4WDriving on on the east beach on Fraser Island
IMG_9237: The remainds of a ship wreck on eastern beach, Fraser Island. The vessel was built in the beginning of the 1900
IMG_9189: Boys covering themselves in black sand....Fraser Island
IMG_9196: swimming in the lake, Fraser Island
IMG_9203: Rain forest, at Central Station, Fraser Island
IMG_9178: Lake MacKenzie Fraser Island, a crystal clear fresh water lake..... there is nothing living in the lake (except for the tourists!!)
IMG_9135: Kingfisher Bay Resort
IMG_9137: Glen on the tender
IMG_9138: North White Cliffs, Fraser Island
IMG_9035: Erik and Glen having fun on the tender
IMG_9049: Stingray on the shores of Fraser Island
IMG_8992: At Garry
IMG_8935: Sunrise, departing Mooloolaba
IMG_8942: Coming into Wide Bay, Inskip Point. To the left is the mainland, to the right is the southern end of Fraser Island
IMG_8960: This what you call FLAT!
IMG_8963: Captain approaching Garry
IMG_8923: Departing Mooloolaba
IMG_8700: Monica relaxing while underway... it was that calm she could have a foot bath!!!
IMG_8830: At Australia Zoo. Glen just loved the Kangaroos... They were really friendly.... I think he pat everyone of them...
IMG_8871: Small Beavers at Underwater World, Mooloolaba
IMG_1754: The Tourists.....
IMG_1786: Performing dolphins.... great show.
IMG_1794: Dorey
IMG_1797: Scar
IMG_1757: Seaworld
IMG_8668: Marina Mirage
IMG_8669: Gold Coast
IMG_8665: Seaworld Gold Coast
IMG_8638: Cape Byron, the most easterly point of Australia
IMG_8642: Cape Byron Lighthouse
IMG_8651: Erik sleeping on the Yamba to Gold Coast Leg
IMG_8662: Gold Coast in sight
IMG_8518: View of Muttonbird Island form Coffs Harbour Marina
IMG_8537: Got the Rabbitohs!!!!!
IMG_8555: A photo on the wall of a Cafe in Coffs Harbour
IMG_8628: A boat next to our berth in Coffs. A local guy designed and built this. It
IMG_8543: Fishing Boat in Coffs Harbour
IMG_8560: Sorting out the fishing tackle
IMG_8571: Lunch on the boat with the Baumgartners
IMG_8575: Another photo of our lunch with the Baumgartners
coffs seawall: Coffs Harbour is a man made harbour. Three large seawalls join the mainland to Muttonbird Island
Coffs Harbour Marina: Coffs Harbour Marina
At the Baumgartners: Dinner at the Baumgartners, Leo, Helen, Erik, Glen, Monica and Frank
glenerik in Coffs: Departing Port Stephens. Calm Clear conditions.
sm0007: The things that steer
sm0012: The thing that slices
sm0016: Glenerik High and Dry
sm0006: The things that push!
Glenerik in for it's final service before the trip. A major service on the various cooling systems, as well as filters, oil, coolants, anodes etc.
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Maly Voyage 2007

Who: Frank, Monica, Erik and Glen
Port: Port Hacking