Vessel Name: Mandolin
Vessel Make/Model: Bayfield
Hailing Port: Rock Creek, MD
Crew: Tod and Anne Herrick
About: Retired from human service occupations now living a human exisistance!
08 April 2018 | Florida Keys
28 February 2018 | Boot Key Harbor, Marathon
15 February 2018 | Lower Keys
14 February 2018 | Off Boynton Beach
13 February 2018 | West Palm Beach
11 February 2018 | Vero Beach
06 February 2018 | Vero Beach
31 January 2018 | Cocoa
31 January 2018 | Cocoa
27 January 2018 | Titusville
27 January 2018 | Daytona Beach
05 January 2018 | Daytona Beach
03 January 2018 | St. Augustine
01 January 2018 | St. Augustine
30 December 2017 | St. Augustine
28 December 2017 | St. Augustine
23 December 2017 | St. Augustine
22 December 2017 | St. Augustine
20 December 2017 | Amelia River
Recent Blog Posts
08 April 2018 | Florida Keys

Paradise, aka: the Florida Keys

It's been a really long time since I posted a blog. I know, I should be more disciplined! But I have made numerous Facebook entries. That counts, doesn't it? I prefer Facebook when I have a bunch of photos to post. I can only post one on this site. So any readers who are not on my friends list at Facebook, [...]

28 February 2018 | Boot Key Harbor, Marathon

Boot Key Harbor: A Pleasant Community on the Water

We have enjoyed our stay in Boot Key Harbor in Marathon. There is a nice community of boaters here. It's protected from winds during bad weather and the city makes it a welcoming place.

15 February 2018 | Lower Keys

Welcome to the Keys!

We left Lake Worth at 7:30a thinking we were only going to Fort Lauderdale. The admiral didn't like the waves and seas we had yesterday so she was reluctant to put in a long day again. I can't say I blame her. However, today's conditions were delightful! She put off the task of seeking a marina for the [...]

14 February 2018 | Off Boynton Beach

The Lazy Fisherman

We woke early and got underway from our pleasant Anchorage in Lake Worth around 7:30 to catch slack current in the inlet. It was a bit bumpy with the east winds but not terrible. Once out we set sail and motor sailed under full sail and mild winds for about 3 hours. Our original destination was Fort [...]

13 February 2018 | West Palm Beach

Moving south

After pulling ourselves away from Velcro Beach we traveled south along the waterway to Ft. Pierce. We had our friend aboard as extra crew as needed but more as pleasant company. We enjoyed Vero Beach and will likely be back. We had a good time walking to the beach and getting caught by the security guard [...]

11 February 2018 | Vero Beach

Shorts, sandals, and sunny skies

We have been enjoying our stay at "Velcro Beach" and understand why people have named it thus. Life is pleasant here and you have access to the town via the free bus. It's not a fast way to get around but it is convenient!

Heading South

20 December 2017 | Amelia River
Tod / clear but windy
After a marvelous dinner of salmon on the grill and a very pleasant sunset and night on the hook, we drifted off to a restful sleep. Our timing, it seems, was good as a submarine had arrived at the base on Monday. When that happens, everything else comes to a screeching halt! We heard taps played at the end of the day and all's well.

We awoke completely socked in with heavy fog! We were stuck! We couldn't see any of the other boats in the Anchorage but luckily, the fog started to lift around 10:00 and we got underway.

Since there weren't a whole lot of anchorages between Amelia Island and St. Augustine and some strong winds were predicted for this afternoon, we decided on a short day of 15 miles to anchor in a bight off Amelia River. Anne didn't like the other choice which was close to a bridge. There's something about Bridges and wind at anchor. So here we are after an easy passage at anchor. We've had the luck to see a bunch of wildlife including a Bald eagle perched on a nearby post surveying his territory. Plenty of white pelicans which are different from the grey pelicans. Apparently they don't have anything to do with each other.

The winds are strong but we are secure in our hook. We keep checking and we are staying put. Now I jinxed it!

Anne is cooking a chicken curry which smells divine!

Tomorrow will be a long day down the waterway. Winds are predicted to moderate overnight so things should be ok. There are a million and one stars out.

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