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Is there a doctor in the house?

24 January 2009 | La Cruz de Huanacaxtle, Nayarit, MX
In response to everyone who was concerned about my rope burn, thank you so much, it is all better now along with the toe puncture, both "a long way from my heart" as the saying goes.

A couple of people have suggested that the best thing for such injuries is to let them soak in seawater. Though this may be true in more northerly climes, we have been warned that in these tropical waters a burn or abrasion can turn into a raging infection within hours if not adequately protected from contact with ocean water. The reason for this is that warm, tropical waters team with unfriendly bacteria.

We have on board a variety of broad-spectrum antibiotics to counteract various types of infections. All these were bought in Ensenada, our first port of entry into Mexico. In this country only narcotics require a doctor or hospital prescription. All other drugs are sold over the counter in mega-pharmacies. Before we left the States we did a large amount of research regarding what medicines to have aboard. We even have instructions, medication and tools for minor amputations and tooth extractions should the need arise in the middle of the Pacific or Atlantic Ocean.

Self-sufficiency has always had its attraction for us, but this cruising business really takes the biscuit.

P.S. Found this outrageous thing outside a gym and health center in Bucerias near Puerto Vallarta. Marilyn goes to Mexico and grows a 'healthy' double chin.
Vessel Name: Mandy
Vessel Make/Model: Bristol Channel Cutter 28 - http://www.capegeorgecutters.com/BCC28/index.html
Hailing Port: San Diego, CA USA
Crew: Richard & Virginia Cross
Having spent 30 years in the racehorse business we felt it was time for a different kind of adventure. Both originally from England we have sailed for fun for over 30 years. We have owned MANDY for five of those and are planning to head south for Mexico etc. in November 2008 - ready or not. [...]
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Who: Richard & Virginia Cross
Port: San Diego, CA USA