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28 May 2012 | St Helena, South Atlantic Ocean
28 May 2012 | St Helena, South Atlantic Ocean
25 May 2012 | Riviera Beach, Florida
23 May 2012 | Riviera Marina, Riviera Beach FL
23 May 2012 | Riviera Beach Marina, Riviera Beach, Florida
19 May 2012 | En route to Riviera Beach, Florida
18 May 2012 | En route to Riviera Beach, Florida
17 May 2012 | En route to Riviera Beach, Florida
16 May 2012 | En route to Riviera Beach, Florida
15 May 2012 | En route to Riviera Beach, Florida
14 May 2012 | En route to Florida
13 May 2012 | Destination:Riviera Beach Marina, Riviera Beach, Florida
12 May 2012 | Destination:Florida
11 May 2012 | On the way to the Caribbean


24 October 2010 | Mooloolaba Australia


24 October 2010 | Mooloolaba Australia
Life is a series of crossroads, of intersections that appear before one, each offering diverse choices and each choice beckoning one down its unrevealed path. I stand before one now.

Upon setting out I entertained the desire to circumnavigate the globe. I had in mind a quite normal situation of a crewed venture. But I took another path, I decided to set out alone and cross the biggest ocean-the Pacific-and then see what intersection appeared.

And so one small little human and one small little boat set out... and...I am now on the other side.

Life's realities weighed in and because Shearwater cost me so much more than I had anticipated to get her truly ready for the great ocean, I have reluctantly decided to try to sell her here in Australia.

As I gaze into my mind's screen and see her bounding across the sea in a certain euphoria, I have to admit I am saddened to see her now, seemingly chained to this dock... for sale... quiet.

And so I stand before many choices some of which I control, many of which I dont. As you can imagine, this opportunity, this challenge was mind-boggling and I still have difficulty realizing where I have been, what I have seen, what I have lived.

I feel truly gifted and offer thanks to the known and the unknown forces that took me across.

Note: My blog for the time being will be suspended until I have decided between the many paths and have once again something to share with you. How I loved your 'checking in'... I will miss it.


23 September 2010 | Bundaberg, Australia
HAVE ARRIVED! Furious mad dash toward the Australian continent ended yesterday at 3 15 pm Sept 22 when the first dock line was passed. Unexpected ending and the story follows later today.


22 September 2010 | Bundaberg Australia


21 September 2010 | Approximately 180 miles from Bundaberg
As I close in on Australia, I change mode from underway to preparing for arrival. The first issue concerns the time of arrival. Being that it is a port I dont know, I must enter it in daylight. Hence, upon awakening this morning, my calculations put me at the port entrance in the middle of the night, tomorrow night(Wednesday). So rather than try to 'tread water' so to speak,at the port entrance until daylight and in the middle of a whole bunch of traffic and in much shallower water, I have slowed Shearwater down. At this present rate I will arrive about 50 miles from the port entrance at about 5 tomorrow afternoon(Wednesday). That will then put me at the port entrance at about 5-6 the next morning(Thursday)....just about where I need to be.

Good chart study ...a general familiarization with what Im going to find at the Marina.... how the docking works...can be tricky in a current - I hear it can be 4 knots... anchor/mooring lines at the ready...quarantine flag up!

Speaking of quarantine flags, the other issue that concerns me is customs/immigration. The australian customs are famous for their thoroughness and the overtime(I pay!) clock is quick to start. So I need to get the boat easy to look through and fast! That goes for all documentation. I already know that they will take virtually all food off the boat! That's a pity! And, if not all in place...big fines! Im hiding the chocolate... ONLY KIDDING!

So, on to Australia!


20 September 2010 | In the Coral Seas, heading to Australia
As I close in on Australia, as I look out on the endless horizon , almost dreading the sight of land, I harken back to these last months since heading out of Panama...I am aware that an era in one man's life is ending. I try to look forward, but its the opposite that beckons. When I gaze out off my stern, I find a certain peace, a comfort of sorts. And when look out off the bow, I do so with consternation.

As with anything in life that is treasured, adored, is distraught to let it go. Now, as the final moments wind down to that point of certainty when this boat, this sea and this man will no longer exist as one, I find myself groping to immortalize, to find a way to slow the process down, to touch it one final time. What haven't I done? What haven't I filmed? Have I gazed out on this never ending vastness enough? How should I caress its exquisite face, its infinite features, feel its wildness...just one last time?

And then I am reminded of that famous french sailor Bernard Moitessier, rounding the horn of South America. When he reached that point of turning north, leaving the southern oceans behind, finally to head for home...he balked...he radioed in:...'Once more around!'. And east he went into the Indian Ocean...again.

And as I look back off my stern at the receding waters of the great Pacific, I feel comfort in having still within my grasp that exquisite....

I now understand that French sailor.
Vessel Name: Shearwater
Vessel Make/Model: CONSER 47 Racer/Cruiser Catamaran
Hailing Port: West Palm Beach Florida
Mango is a smart, funny, sensitive and totally unique wheaton/sheepdog. . He is my partner on this patently undoglike voyage but remains cheerful about the whole affair. [...]
Extra: Shearwater is a 47 foot, very sleek and light catamaran. She is part of a fleet of 11 that were built - its a sister ship of Shearwater that holds the unofficial speed record. 31 knots! Of the this fleet, only one has we are on the side of good odds!

Port: West Palm Beach Florida