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03 July 2008 | Los Angeles
10 June 2008 | Los Angeles
05 June 2008
25 May 2008

First Sail...

05 June 2008
So...freaking out, we contemplated pulling her out of her slip for the first time. Wind was up, I was worried and about that time a solo skipper in a 45 ft Benneteau pushes out of the slip...chatting with a friend on the dock...without a care in the world...hardly paying attention...walks back to the helm...spins the wheel over and puts the engine in gear. Super cool. So I figured if he can do can Tom and I.

We pulled out and sailed without event except the need to put a reef in the main. When we turned around and headed back to Sausalito I tried to start the wouldn't run...crank but no run. We mucked around a bit before finally calling vessel assist. After a brief scare wrapping the jib around the forestay we hooked up with vessel assist and got back in the slip. Troubled I lay in bed trying to figure out what was wrong with the wasn't until early the next morning that I realized what had happened, or better yet...what hadn't. The kill switch...never got unswitched...or pushed back in. After racing down to the boat to see it that was in fact the problem I was rewarded by the engine starting right up as if the day before never happened.
Vessel Name: Manhattan Transfer
Vessel Make/Model: Pearson 36-2
Hailing Port: Los Angeles
Crew: Michelle, Sam & Barney
About: Michelle is the brains of the opperation where as Barney is the brawn.
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Who: Michelle, Sam & Barney
Port: Los Angeles