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03 July 2008 | Los Angeles
10 June 2008 | Los Angeles
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10 June 2008 | Los Angeles
Added a photo gallery but for some reason the link isn't working so here it is

if you guys want to check out more pics.

The set sail date is June 23 approx. And Tom and (Fronch) are going to the boat today to look things over and maybe go for a test sail...I will hopefully be heading up on the 21st to do the necessary preperations for a departure on monday. More to come as the date draws near.
Vessel Name: Manhattan Transfer
Vessel Make/Model: Pearson 36-2
Hailing Port: Los Angeles
Crew: Michelle, Sam & Barney
About: Michelle is the brains of the opperation where as Barney is the brawn.
Manhattan Transfer's Photos - Main
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Created 10 June 2008
pics on Yachtworld where I bought the boat from
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Created 10 June 2008

Who: Michelle, Sam & Barney
Port: Los Angeles