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22 July 2012 | Babylon, NY
19 July 2012 | Lake Montauk, NY
13 July 2012 | Salem, Mass.
12 July 2012 | Marblehead
12 July 2012
12 July 2012 | Marblehead, Mass.
12 July 2012 | Marblehead, Mass.
11 July 2012 | Provinctown, Mass.
10 July 2012 | Provincetown, Mass.
09 July 2012 | Pocasset, Mass.
08 July 2012
07 July 2012 | Newport
06 July 2012 | Lake Montauk
05 July 2012 | Robert Moses boat basin
04 July 2012 | Still in Babylon
04 July 2012 | Babylon
04 July 2012 | Home
01 July 2012
01 July 2012

Land Home, again

22 July 2012 | Babylon, NY
Peggy/ weather sunny, cooler (more bearable)
So, Flori and I did drive home from Montauk. I did sleep home one night. The next day, due to unforseen family situations/ seasickness, I drove to Port Jefferson and continued on to bring the Margaret Gale home. That evening we had pizza at "PIE" in Port Jefferson. The next day we left early and in about 8 hours we made it to Sheepshead Bay , Brooklyn. The Floriana and The Margaret Gale. The mooring situation was very "tight." The Sheepshead Bay yacht club could not accommodate us to satisfy Bob so we went with Miramar Yacht Club. I did learn another painful lesson. From now on I will wear gloves when handling mooring pennants. I have a sore right hand due to loose fiberglass on the pennant. Slept fair due to very loud party boats, seemed like all night long, leaving the small harbor.

Left Sheepshead Bay this morning at 6am and arrived home at 12:30 pm. Hundreds of black flies accompanied us through the state boat channel after we came in Jones Inlet.


19 July 2012 | Lake Montauk, NY
Peggy/ weather: overcast, muggy, cooler
Flori and I are going home. Jumping ship, bailing out, disembarking. Her brother is driving out with Dennis, a friend of Bob's, and they will be replacing us as crew for the remainder of the trip home. After the vineyard we went to Newport, RI. We checked out the new Maritime center with it's own (manned) dinghy dock. Inside was nice showers, restrooms, and a laundry area. All very nice and accommodating. Bob and I ate at The Mooring. Nice but pricey. Next day to block and then this morning to Montauk.

The good, the bad, and the ugly.

13 July 2012 | Salem, Mass.
Peggy/ weather, breezy in the harbor, hot and sticky ashore
Arrived in Salem this morning.

The good: It only took 35 minutes to get here.

The bad: The town is a neverending mix of cheap commercialized witchcraft bunko and a less than impressive seaport shopping and dining experience.

The ugly: The mammoth power plant that blights the harbor, the dirty launch that picks you up, and the beastly ,tatooed pierced young women wearing ripped fishnet stockings that parade around the village passing themselves off as witches.

Fort Sewall

12 July 2012 | Marblehead
Claudio, viewing the harbor.

12 July 2012
Flori at Fort Sewall

12 July 2012 | Marblehead, Mass.
View of Marblehead harbor.
Vessel Make/Model: Tartan 4600
Hailing Port: Babylon, NY
Crew: Bob and Peggy Van Tassel
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Who: Bob and Peggy Van Tassel
Port: Babylon, NY