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22 July 2012 | Babylon, NY
19 July 2012 | Lake Montauk, NY
13 July 2012 | Salem, Mass.
12 July 2012 | Marblehead
12 July 2012
12 July 2012 | Marblehead, Mass.
12 July 2012 | Marblehead, Mass.
11 July 2012 | Provinctown, Mass.
10 July 2012 | Provincetown, Mass.
09 July 2012 | Pocasset, Mass.
08 July 2012
07 July 2012 | Newport
06 July 2012 | Lake Montauk
05 July 2012 | Robert Moses boat basin
04 July 2012 | Still in Babylon
04 July 2012 | Babylon
04 July 2012 | Home
01 July 2012
01 July 2012

Ship shape and bad shape

06 July 2012 | Lake Montauk
Peggy, weather: great
We had a great motor sail from Fire Island inlet to Montauk. 6:am to 6pm. Our friends Flori and Claudio are sailing with us on their boat a 42 foot Kantor. They came in last night to the boat basin. Bob's back was hurting so I volunteered to "hop off" our boat and help them tie up. When I maneuvered myself over the bow pulpit the dock was much lower and I wound up falling onto a concrete sidewalk. Hurt my left hip, left elbow, and tbe back of my head.
Today was not a good day. Besides being achy, queasy in the morning, fly bitten(When I questioned Bob about flies in the ocean. He said, "Oh the north wind is blowing them from the shore to our boat.") and sleepy from the anti-seasickness medication, Bob was in a bad state with his back. He took a Flexeril which made him groggy.(Not good having a groggy captain in the ocean.) So we alternated napping in the cockpit for the whole 12 hour trip. But we made it.
Vessel Make/Model: Tartan 4600
Hailing Port: Babylon, NY
Crew: Bob and Peggy Van Tassel
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Created 30 June 2012

Who: Bob and Peggy Van Tassel
Port: Babylon, NY