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Though we travel the world over to find the beautiful, we must carry it with us or we find it not. ~Ralph Waldo Emerson

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WIP Wednesday - Pink Mohair

24 November 2010
And I'm not talking turkey here!

I've found myself making baby hats and booties this Fall. I've never made a hat before in my life or knit on circular needles and find myself completely addicted now! The previous baby hats and booties that I neglected to take a picture of before the baby shower were knit out of an organic corn fiber that is terrific for babies and washing and is super soft. This particular set is knit from a mohair that I worry may be itchy so I'm thinking of lining the hat with another (store bought) basic infant cap.

But! The truly exciting thing is I'm busting through my stash! Yay! I've had this pink mohair since I worked in the weaving studio 10 or maybe even 12 years ago now. It was given to me then by the lady who ran the studio as it is simply awful to weave with and it is no breeze to knit with either! Time for it to go away.
Vessel Make/Model: 35' Coronado
Hailing Port: Boca Chica
Crew: Capt. Hal, Jennifer, and our daughter Marianna, a great photographer!
Extra: Warmest Wishes!
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S/V Mari Hal-O-Jen

Who: Capt. Hal, Jennifer, and our daughter Marianna, a great photographer!
Port: Boca Chica
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