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Christmas in July

25 July 2007
It's July 25 and Marianna and I are thoroughly enjoying SIRIUS POPS Christmas in July programing today. Such a nice break from this heat and humidity! Snow angels here we come!

In keeping with the spirit of today I devoted a couple of pages in my journal to random thoughts of the Holiday Season. A few things that worked great last year and a few things that didn't, and mostly things I'm pondering for this year. Not very in depth at all - I'll save that for my Seasonal Planner!


Dawn has asked about other's Journals and Notebooks, so I thought I'd oblige as I'm in the midst of a huge planning spree right now - big, BIG changes are in the works - more on that in a future post! For now I'll stick with the journal I'm using for this summer.

But really, before I can talk about this summer's journal, I have to acknowledge the inspiration and that would go back to last Christmas and O Night Divine and that humble little planner packet I put together in a three hole folder with cute calendar pages (decorated by me!!!) and dividers for each of the weeks of Advent where I could quickly place an idea or recipe pertinent to that week that I'd ripped out of a magazine.

What with the move and travels and well, life, this entirely useful thing didn't make it past Epiphany even though I really liked it. What replaced it is a super cute Planner from Pier 1 of all places, that has been a great fit with our life. It is cute enough I like to see it around, therefore, it sticks around and is actually used! A few cute stickers sprinkled about help catch the eye for important dates, my mechanical pencil fits nicely in the spine and a few added ribbons for dividers finish this off in a most satisfactory way.

What is not available in this planner is a way to store those idea clippings or to write more than the briefest note for the day. I really enjoyed the space during the holidays to spread out and ramble and reflect on paper.

So out came a super cheap notebook - I'd tried beautifully bound books before and the perfectionist tendencies this brings out are scary - and I taped a favorite photo to the front over the name, address, blah, blah, blah part and a little clipping proclaiming News? over the scan bar. One personalized Journal, coming right up! It and the extras (scissors, tape, glue, pens) all slip so neatly into a gallon sized ziplock bag.

So what do I actually write in this? Well, today it was all about Christmas, of course! Yesterday was simply a listing of Ideas I'd been pondering for school.

Some days I may take two pages and paste in things related to an upcoming event - Our Anniversary! - other days a simple commentary on dinner.

Occasionally the same thing ends up in a blog post too!

It really is a simple way for me to be a tad creative about anything I desire! Now, the nitty-gritty homeschool planning gets its own binder and a potential future post too!
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