Mariposa Great Loop & Beyond

Vessel Name: Mariposa
Vessel Make/Model: Pearson 424
Hailing Port: South Haven, Michigan
Crew: John Shaul & Shirley Jetter
About: We have over 70 years combined boating experience. Our training is a combination of the United States Sail & Power Squadron and the school of G.O.& D. (Get out and do ) experience.
Extra: John has run and owned Shaul Sails for the past 15 years. A combination, day charter, and sea school. He has taught numerous people how to enjoy the wonders of Lake Michigan. While Shirley has gathered her experience from her first 16' boat to her last boat Thunderhead 56'.
25 May 2009 | SOuth Haven Michigan
02 April 2009 | Boot Key Again
22 March 2009 | Marithon
20 March 2009 | Big Pine Key
19 March 2009 | Big Pine Key
11 March 2009 | Mararhon
11 March 2009 | Marithon,Fl Gulf
02 March 2009 | Bannana Bay
01 March 2009 | Boot Key to Banana Bay
25 February 2009 | marithon, Fl
24 February 2009 | Marithon Fl
22 February 2009 | Marithon, Fl
21 February 2009 | C-5
15 February 2009 | Marathon, Fl
13 February 2009 | Middle Keys
10 February 2009 | Grasy Key, Fl
08 February 2009 | Marithon, Fl
07 February 2009 | Boot Key
06 February 2009 | Marathon Fl
05 February 2009 | Marithon Key
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25 May 2009 | SOuth Haven Michigan

Good Friend

From Al Kempf [ - 2009-05-25 12:56:53 ]

02 April 2009 | Boot Key Again

Moving Day- Again

On the ball again....this time it is C10...we were on C-4 last time.

22 March 2009 | Marithon

Rain in Banana Bay

The weather is changing here... who says you have to stay in the Midwest for a change of seasons.

20 March 2009 | Big Pine Key

National Key Deer Refuge

Visited an extraordinary expanse of sea islands. This area contains 22 threatened or endangered species. Saw Key deer everywhere along the road. They are very small about the size of a medium dog.

19 March 2009 | Big Pine Key

No Name Pub

Had lunch at the oldest pub in the area. Friendlly people, long history, great food, lousy service ( that is what their menu says), and a beautiful garden. Decorated with live key deer.

11 March 2009 | Mararhon

Center of the Keys

Marathon key is known as the "Heart & Soul" of the keys, due to its central location and rustic ambiance.

Kennswick to Kaskaskia on the Mississippi

23 October 2008 | 37.9746 N 89.9357W
50's raining most of the day
Made about 40 miles today to the Kaskaskia Dam - a place Mrs Hoppie had recommended the night before. John was captain today. It was cool and raining steadily . On our way here we encountered several giant whirlpools that we'd been warned about. They have the potential of capturing your vessal and swirling it around several times. You have to radio ahead to see if there are any oncoming barge tugs. We encountered one tug and had the choice to take the barge's wake or enter the whirlpool - the wake was the better choice! The whirlpools seemed to confuse the depth sounders which showed hundreds of feet deep then many erratic readings. The joke of the day came after punching all the buttons on the depth sounder which seemed to recover it - "sometimes you have to just have your buttons punched when your out of sorts" seems to apply to many things in life! At the Kaskasia dem we met a guy on another boat who had learned to sail in South Haven, Mi- our home port. We also met some folks taking a cruiser to Holland, MI, then next port North of home. Seemed to be a Lake Michigan coast crowd here today. Yes, the muddy Mississippi is just that. Lines brought in seem to drip chocolate milk as they dry. Tomorrow's destination - the Ohio River - we're a bit concerned bacause for the first time be going upstream in the Ohio - not too sure how much daily progress we will make.

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