MarLyn's Flight

05 January 2011 | Cooper River Marina
10 November 2010 | Charleston
14 October 2010 | Charleston, SC

Still tied to the dock

05 January 2011 | Cooper River Marina
Mark/raining and cold
Well we don't think we'll be taking off until February. Linda's mom passed away on Nov. 30th and we have some things to take care of before we can leave. Also, Linda's knee is giving her fits. She hurt it years ago in a skiing accident. We need to have it looked at and see what her options are. Oh well, gives us more time to get ready and the weather should only get better/warmer!

To Do List and a Little History

10 November 2010 | Charleston
Well, last year we decided that the boat we had then wasn't quite what we wanted to use to take our trip South. We wanted a few more amenities like: shower, hot/cold pressurized water, propane stove/oven, comfortable aft berth, wheel steering, inboard diesel......

So what happened was that we bought my good friend Paul's boat, an S2 9.2C (30 ft.). It has all the comforts of home including heating and a/c, refrigerator, brand new Yanmar 3YM20 diesel engine (oops, that isn't in most homes!), all of the above mentioned items including even a small bathtub!

Our next problem was to come up with a new name for the boat. It had previously been called Porta Bella. Beautiful Port. But that just wasn't what we wanted. For a few months people would ask me about how I liked Paul's Boat. We almost named it that!! Finally it came down to either Lark, or MarLyn. Lark would be simple and allow us to use a Lark bird symbol as our mascot symbol. We liked MarLyn even better because it stood for Mark and Linda (I like to call Linda - Lyn) so we put the two together. What was neat about that is we could use a marlin as our boat mascot symbol. I designed it and sent it to a sign company to make it for us. I then put it on the stern. As you can see from the picture, it came out pretty nice. Oops, how about the tub instead! ha ha ha

Here are the things we need to do before cutting the lines!

Just Starting Out

14 October 2010 | Charleston, SC
Well, I've just set up this blog so folks can follow us as we head south starting this January! Yes, you read that correctly, JANUARY!! Yes, we know it will be cold, hence SOUTH! Anyway, Linda and I retire at the end of this year and figured we should DO IT NOW. She's a real sport on this as this is more my dream, but she has always helped make my dreams come true, and I hope I've done the same for her?

We are currently docked at the Cooper River Marina here in Charleston, SC. It's a great marina and I would highly recommend it to any who may be passing through. It is off the beaten path in that you'll need to take a cab to downtown Charleston. However, it quiet and the marina is clean, well run, and friendly. They have a pumpout boat (Gone Flushin') but no fuel. A small ships store and quickstop type food and beverages are sold there at a reasonable price (beer and wine!). The marina is run by Matt Driscoll and reflects his well run/maintained attitude toward boating. The guys are very helpful and you'll enjoy getting to know them.

We are starting to get MarLyn, our 30ft. S2 center cockpit shipshape for our trip. Our current plan is to use the ICW (we both like to sleep at night) vice offshore. Beautiful scenery and a heater should keep us comfortable in the evening.

More on our plans soon, got to go for now.
Vessel Name: MarLyn
Vessel Make/Model: S2 9.2C
Hailing Port: Charleston, SC
Crew: Mark and Linda Smith
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Who: Mark and Linda Smith
Port: Charleston, SC