MarMar - Cabo Rico 34

After complete refit and wonderful cruising, MarMar is now for sale due to divorce and health issue. She has been equipped to sail around the world!


Who: Marcelo
Port: Goteborg
08 January 2013 | RIO DULCE, GUATEMALA
01 January 2012
29 October 2011 | Thailand/Indonesia
01 August 2011 | Bangkok, Thailand
01 July 2011 | Göteborg, Sweden
28 June 2011 | Bangkok, Thailand
06 June 2011 | Boudhanat, Nepal
30 May 2011 | Namo Buddha, Nepal
24 May 2011 | Kathmandu/Lalitpur, Nepal
07 May 2011 | Lalitpur, Nepal
24 April 2011 | Bardiya, Nepal
17 April 2011 | Kathmandu/Lalitpur, Nepal
06 April 2011 | Lalitpur/Kathmandu, Nepal
05 April 2011 | Lalitpur/Kathmandu, Nepal
03 April 2011 | Lalitpur/Kathmandu, Nepal
20 March 2011 | Lalitpur/Kathmandu, Nepal
12 March 2011 | Sao Paulo, Brazil
10 March 2011 | Brazil
07 March 2011 | Thamel, Kathmandu
05 March 2011 | Kathmandu/Lalitpur, Nepal


08 January 2013 | RIO DULCE, GUATEMALA
Photo: MarMar resting at her current dock at Tortugal Marina, Rio Dulce, Guatemala. Waiting for a new owner to take on the enjoyment of the best sailboat ever. It's sad to let her go, but in life we learn that we often need to detach ourselves from material things.


01 January 2012
and goodbye...


29 October 2011 | Thailand/Indonesia
For several weeks now we have been under a high stress, not knowing if and when the floodwaters that have been stuck north of Bangkok, displacing millions of people and killing hundreds, would reach us in central Bangkok. Imagine, in a city of 10 million, the kind of chaos tis represents. Well, now it's almost clear that the waters have no way of finding its way to the sea without passing through the Thai capital.
The government has announced a five day holiday, so that the population could prepare itself for the worse and, if possible, flee the city.
I had already this filming mission planned for Indonesia, leaving on Sunday. But since the flooding could come earlier, meaning to be stuck in our apartment for days or weeks, after talking to my boss it was decided I would leave on Friday instead. Marina and Martina, and granpa Jan, also left to the airport at the same time, early Friday, and while I boarded a Thai Airways flight to Bali, they took a domestic flight to Pukhet, south of Thailand, where life goes on as usual.
Strange situation: the waters are still expected to flood Bangkok, noone knows for sure how bad it will get and how long it will last, which means that we don't know, as many other millions, when we will be able to return home. In the meantime, we are still working from our beachfront hotels....

cheers, m/
Vessel Name: MarMar
Vessel Make/Model: 1989 Cabo Rico 34, built in Costa Rica
Hailing Port: Goteborg
Crew: Marcelo
After many years working for the UN in different countries, we are now taking some time off to search for... ourselves, for happiness, going with the wind... 2008 (now 2009, 2010...!) was very special. [...]
Extra: MarMar for sale due to divorce followed by health issues
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Who: Marcelo
Port: Goteborg