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04 November 2012 | 18 04'N:173 30'W, North Pacific Ocean
03 November 2012 | 17 43'N:175 01'W, North Pacific Ocean
02 November 2012 | 17 00'N:176 25'W, South Pacific Ocean
01 November 2012 | 15 34'N:177 08'W, South Pacific Ocean
31 October 2012 | 14 13'N:177 49'W, South Pacific Ocean
30 October 2012 | 11 30'N:178 13'W, South Pacific Ocean
29 October 2012 | 10 31'N:178 46'E, South Pacific Ocean
25 October 2012 | 5 02'N:176 43'E, South Pacific Ocean
23 October 2012 | 3 48'N:175 45'E, South Pacific Ocean
22 October 2012 | 3 14'N:174 55'E, South Pacific Ocean
21 October 2012 | 2 31'N:174 12'E, South Pacific Ocean
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Enroute to Honolulu Day #16

04 November 2012 | 18 04'N:173 30'W, North Pacific Ocean
Matt Satterlee
The doldrums continue. We've been motoring for just about 30 continuous hours. Only intermittent wisps of air are coming our way. We've traveled 97 miles in the past 24 hours. This is got to turn around sometime soon. 903 miles to go to Honolulu.

After inspection of our starboard wet cell 8D battery yesterday, we found it smoking sulfur and unable to touch (too hot). I topped off the water in the cells, which were low in every one of them. I waited a few hours to recheck and it was still smoking sulfur acid. Not good. Fire hazard, etc. We immediately disconnected the battery and disaster averted. The problem is either overcharging or just a battery at the end of it's life. It's 3 1/2 years old. The ony device charging the batteries was the belt driven alternator on the yanmar....which is internally regulated. Voltage tested on the suspect battery was 10.0 volts. More work to do when we get to HI. UGH!

Enroute to Honolulu Day #15

03 November 2012 | 17 43'N:175 01'W, North Pacific Ocean
Matt Satterlee
It is 2pm in the afternoon and we've been motoring since just before midnight. The winds have died to virtually nothing. So, we've adjusted our course straight for Honolulu under motor. The wing tank is now empyt and void of diesel. Now using fuel from the keel tank. Not much breeze to speak of except for what we are making on our own. The sun is out and clear skies above us. Clouds to the East, South, and West. Waiting for the Easterly to move in and give us wind.

Enroute to Honolulu Day #14

02 November 2012 | 17 00'N:176 25'W, South Pacific Ocean
Matt Satterlee
At this moment we have closer to our destination by 1000 miles with 1078 miles to go. Nearly half way. Did some laundry today....mostly sheets and underwear and towels. Filled the water tanks. No rain in the past 24 hours. The boat is covered in salt from being misted with salt water for the past 4-5 days. Can't grab anything outside without getting a handful of salt. I was on watch last night and heard a thud on the pilot house window. I thought it might be a flying fish and sure enough it was. Found it flopping on the deck and threw it back overboard. Sometimes we don't find them until the next day after they have made a mess on the deck from their oozing and drying. The winds have calmed slowly in the past 12 hours. Just now we raised the main to full and put out the headsaild with the staysail. It's a comfortable ride right now. Winds are still out of the same direction but we are making a decent 30 degree heading.....but could be better. Plenty of time on hand to read and study for my captains license when I return. So much to do when we return. Still no sight of any other boats out here on the open ocean.
Vessel Name: Caelestis
Vessel Make/Model: John Addison Traylor
Hailing Port: San Diego, CA
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