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18 October 2016 | Nuku Hiva
11 October 2016 | Fatu Hiva, Marquesas
08 October 2016 | Makemo
06 October 2016 | Tahanea
25 September 2016 | Rotoava, Fakarava
25 September 2016 | Rotoava, Fakarava
05 September 2016 | Fakarava
05 September 2016 | Fakarava
01 September 2016 | Fakarava, North Pass.
30 August 2016 | Fakarava, south pass
22 August 2016 | Tahiti
23 October 2015 | Port Denarau
05 October 2015 | Fakarava, south pass
05 October 2015 | Vurolevu Island
26 September 2015 | Matasawalevu Bay
24 September 2015 | Vunisea, Kadavu
06 September 2015 | Fulaga, Fiji
06 September 2015 | Fulaga, Fiji
06 September 2015 | Fulaga, Fiji
04 September 2015 | Susui Island

Susui Island

03 September 2015 | Susui Island,
C. Farias
Bula from Susui. We could spend an entire summer exploring the area. We really like the people and learn a lot from them and their simple way of life. The weather has been good with light winds and partially clouded skies. We went in an excursion to a lovely lagoon, very protected from the seas and enclosed by walls off eroding volcanic and sandstone. Jacob, the village spokesman, showed us a small cave where a chief from Taveuni Island hid from his enemies. With him, the chief brought a basket of oysters. That is how Susui Island was populated, this is where their history begun. As we motored in the lagoon we saw something floating that looked like an octopus. As we got closer we saw that it was a giant jelly fish. I had never seen anything like it. Another treat from the seas. Jacob dropped us on the beach and went around to the other end of the lagoon and soon came back with a bag full of oysters, about 70 of them. While he was gone, Serakini, a young man from the village, had made a fire and had cassava and breadfruit roasting for us to eat with the oysters. These were put on the fire just to heat them enough to be opened. Jacob squeezed limes and put a few small but very hot peppers on the bowl with the juice and then added the oysters. It was very kana vinaka, delicious. Jerry's birthday is in a few days and we had asked Jacob if we could have a lovo to celebrate. Jacob told us that the chief had given permission and that the entire village was going to participate. Today some of the women went fishing, some were gathering coconuts, some gathering wood, all in preparation of the big feast. The women here do a lot of the work. not like Samoa where the man do all the work when it comes to making the lovo. I like the Samoa ways soooo much more.
I printed some photos I had taken of the kids and I took those to the village today. The children were all in school, except for the kindergarten ones that were just about to start class. As soon as they saw me they darted to greet me with many cheerfull Bula, Bula. My popularity has come to a high since the photos. They love to see their pictures even though the display in the camera is so small. I took a photo of the whole group. about 8 of them, and promised to return with printed copies. Tomorrow is the big feast to celebrate the birthday of our "chief". Next day, early morning, before the chickens get up, we leave. We would love to stay longer but there is a weather window to sail south. These windows are few. We have been waiting for a while for one. We will be sailing to Fulaga but will stop either in Komo or Oneata in our way down. My Aloha to you all and until next time.
Vessel Name: Mauliola
Vessel Make/Model: Morrelli&Melvin Custom 65' Catamaran
Hailing Port: Hawaii
Crew: Jerry King and Conceicao Farias, owners
About: Conceicao is a Brazilian, Hawaiian by heart, wahine (girl). Conceicao e uma Brasileira, Cearence, Hawaiana de coracao. Jerry is from California, an old Hobie cat sailor, the man with a vision and a mission.
Extra: Our plans: to do a sailabout and come out in the other side of the seas. The South Pacific is our first stop.
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