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18 October 2016 | Nuku Hiva
11 October 2016 | Fatu Hiva, Marquesas
08 October 2016 | Makemo
06 October 2016 | Tahanea
25 September 2016 | Rotoava, Fakarava
25 September 2016 | Rotoava, Fakarava
05 September 2016 | Fakarava
05 September 2016 | Fakarava
01 September 2016 | Fakarava, North Pass.
30 August 2016 | Fakarava, south pass
22 August 2016 | Tahiti
23 October 2015 | Port Denarau
05 October 2015 | Fakarava, south pass
05 October 2015 | Vurolevu Island
26 September 2015 | Matasawalevu Bay
24 September 2015 | Vunisea, Kadavu
06 September 2015 | Fulaga, Fiji
06 September 2015 | Fulaga, Fiji
06 September 2015 | Fulaga, Fiji
04 September 2015 | Susui Island

Kadavu Island

24 September 2015 | Vunisea, Kadavu
C. Farias/ overcast,, light rain, cool
This is just a quick update on our sailabout. With much sadness we left Fulaga and their beautiful people and sailed to Kadavu Island. Jerry has been dreaming of coming back here for a long time. We had a smooth and quiet time in the short passage, less than 200 miles, with light winds, from 10 to 18kts from the SSE, seas pretty flat except for a few hours, and overcast skies. In the night, the moon lighted the seas for a few hours, but the clouds were the master of the skies that night. We anchored off Galoa island where there is a village of about 200 people. We went ashore to do the Sevusevu, and also to see if we could get some fruit. The village is tucked in behind the mangrove and it is not the prettiest one we have seen but the people are the same welcoming and generous as all that we have met in Fiji. The school being the main center of the village is where we first stopped by. The headmaster told us that the kids were taking a serious examination in preparation to go to high school and that the parents were in another room drinking kava, in support of the kids. We were invited into the room so we could present our kava bundle to the Chiief. There were lots of man in the room and they were all seated in a circle with one of them in the center preparing the kava. By the looks of it, all very relaxed, I think that the party had started long ago. There are 5 chiiefs in the village, including the head Chief. One of the village man presented Jerry and I to the Chief and placed the kava bundle in front of him. The Chief then said a few words in Fijian, and the kava bundle was passed to another Chiief who also gave a short speech. I would love to know what he was saying, and then we were offerered a small bowl of kava to drink. It was the best kava I ever had. Kadavu is famous for the kava. After a few kava bowls we politely asked permission to leave which really pleased Jerry. Sitting on the mat crossed leg for many hours is something that only the Fiijians can do so well. We met some of the children, so friendly and curious about us and of course I fell in love with them. The headmaster asked if he could bring the kids to see the boat next day. We promplty said yes and set up a time for today. Unfortunately the rain didn't allow their visit. Larry and I did a quick run to the village to pick up some rotis that I had asked one of the village woman to make for us. The tide was still too low and we had to leave the dinghie and walk along a very slippery mud trail, thru the mangrove. The kids had scrapped many coconuts for us to squeeze the cream out as a thank you for the visit they were going to make to the boat. I felt so bad we couldn't set up another day as we had to move the boat to Vunisea which is the main village. We are in need of fresh fruit and vegetables and the farmers market is early morning. The forecast is for rain and we need to be closer to the village. There is so much more to share but I need to get my zzzzzs. My aloha to all and until next post.
Vessel Name: Mauliola
Vessel Make/Model: Morrelli&Melvin Custom 65' Catamaran
Hailing Port: Hawaii
Crew: Jerry King and Conceicao Farias, owners
About: Conceicao is a Brazilian, Hawaiian by heart, wahine (girl). Conceicao e uma Brasileira, Cearence, Hawaiana de coracao. Jerry is from California, an old Hobie cat sailor, the man with a vision and a mission.
Extra: Our plans: to do a sailabout and come out in the other side of the seas. The South Pacific is our first stop.
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