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Summer Weekend

09 August 2010
Thursday, August 5, 2010
We got up a little later than usual as it had been a really busy week and sleeping in sounded pretty good. We had an uneventful ride over and arrived mid afternoon. Maxine was good, no leaks or problems, so we cranked up the A/C, unpacked the truck and headed out to get something to eat. We decided on The Silos for burgers. They hit the spot! Afterwards we hit the local supermarket for food and supplies then the video store for a movie and headed back. It was nice and cool by then. We put everything away and finished unpacking then turned in early. It had been a long, hot day. During the night we had quite a thunderstorm, but no leaks!

Friday, August 6, 2010
We woke to a beautiful morning. Coffee and bagels in the cocokpit. Today was to be a work day as Joe had several projects he wanted to get done. The first was a trip up the mast to the spreaders to fix the lights that had stopped working. After several trips up and down the mast and a trip to West Marine, he had them working. Then I went up to check out the view. It was fun. We met our neighbors from Bristol Star and they seem really nice. We made sandwiches for lunch and spent the afternoon at the pool. We grilled dinner in the cockpit and enjoyed a glass of red wine while the sunset. A good day!

Saturday, August 7, 2010
We woke to another beautiful day, made breakfast and headed out. There wasn't much wind so we motor sailed most of the morning. We headed over to Adams Creek. There was alot of traffic along the channel. Everyone out enjoying the summer weather. We stopped for lunch and then headed back. The wind had picked up, but there were dark clouds rolling in and thunderstorms were predicted. When we got back the rain hit, so we watched the movie in the A/C and the storm had passed by the time it was over. We decided to go out to dinner and chose Gary's Seafood in Arapahoe. It was very good. We removed Maxine's canvas and secured her in case of bad weather while we were away. Then we took a walk down to the clubhouse and sat on the porch until the sun went down. It is so beautiful there.

Sunday, August 8, 2010
We got up early and packed up. As much as we hated to leave, we had to head home. It had been a wonderful summer weekend though. Til next time....

Quick Boat Check

04 July 2010
Thursday, June 24th

We left home early and headed east. We arrived mid afternoon on a very hot day. I had some suregry on my right wrist and was in a cast so we didn't plan any sailing this trip. All seemed fine and we got her opened up and the A/C turned on. After unpacking we headed to The Silos for a quick bite to eat. We decide to share a pizza. It was yummy! when we got back to Maxine, it was so hot we headed over to the pool for a dip. I have a cast cover so I could go in too. It was cool and felt wonderful. We then headed back to watch a movie and turn in early.

Friday, June 25th

We got up early and made breakfast, bagels and yogurt. The head has been acting up lately, it will bring water in but doesn't want to force it out into the holding tank. Joe doesn't feel that there is a clog but that the gasket has worn out. Off to West marine, the rebuild kit has to be ordered. Our refrigerator is also not as cold as we'd like, but Joe thinks it's not getting enough air under the cabnet, so we have been leaving the cabnet doors open and will keep an eye on it. We were on our way to Wilmington, NC and just wanted to check on Maxine, so we packed up and left around noon. Just a quick check this trip but we will be back soon and my cast will be off, yeah!!!

A Few More Days Aboard

17 May 2010
May 4 - May 6

Tuesday, May 4th We had agreat visit with our friend dan, but had taken a few more days off so we could stay a little longer. Last night we had heavy rain and thunder storms most of the night. Creepy when you are on a sailboat! This morning was cloudy and humid. No wind to be found so we decide to check out Beaufort by land. We headed down to Minnesott and took the ferry, car and all. It was fun. Well, Minnesott and Beaufort are both small towns will very little to see, especially in the rain. We headed back and ended up in New Bern where we had dinner at a restaurant called MJ's. They had great seafood, not like home but very good for southern seafood.

Wednesday, May 5th I had been fighting a cold? the whole time Dan was visiting and woke up feeling miserable, with laryngitis after coughing all night. We decide to head home. What's one more day??? We had a nice trip until the police caught Joe speeding and gave him a ticket. Oops! I think he is going to fight it as he was going with the flow of traffic. I don't know if that will help but it may be worth a try. We were out of state and they seem to like to ticket visitors!!! We got home safe anyway.

Dan's Visit

17 May 2010
Dan's Visit April 30 - May 3

Thursday, We are having a very dear friend of ours visit us this weekend. We haven't seen him for many years. It will be a fun weekend! he is flying in from Massachusetts and we will meet his plane in New Bern tomorrow.
We got up early and headed to Oriental. It was a good trip. Maxine was waiting for us. She was covered in pollen, yuck, so we scrubbed her down and then headed over to The Silos for a quick dinner.

Friday, We headed into New Bern right after breakfast to meet Dan. His plane arrived on time. It was soooo good to see him again. We took him through the high points of Oriental, the downtown area, Bean and Lou mack Park, then headed over to the Oriental Harbor Marina for lunch. It was yummy and it was nice and warm so we sat outside. He loves sailing and loved Oriental, but was waiting to see Maxine so we headed over to Pecan Grove right after lunch. After a quick tour of the boat we walked around and gave him a walking tour of the marina. Pecan Grove is very nice and we love it there. We headed back onboard and made chicken and pasta for dinner. After dinner and lots of pictures we shared a nice bottle of Merlot and watched the sunset. Good food, good friends, good times, It doesn't get much better than this!!!

Saturday, We woke to warm and sunny weather and headed out. We headed over to Adam's Creek and showed Dan alot of the area. He took loads of pictures of us, the boat and the scenery. He has a great new camera that takes super pictures. We headed back around dinnertime and ran into a friend from the marina. We ended up going out to the Silos for pizza and burgers. Then sat around catching up in the cockpit til way after dark.

Sunday, We woke to a nice day, warm and sunny with a good breeze, so off sailing we went. We had no destination in mind and just took off sailing where ever the wind would take us. We had a super day of great sailing all around the sound. We headed back around dinnertime and had a nice meal of burgers, dogs and potato salald in the cockpit. After dinner we walked down to the clubhouse to watch the sunset from the porch.

Monday, We got up to a cloudy day with showers predicted. Dan had a flight to catch so we decided to head into New Bern and show him the sights over there. We walked around and went in many of the shops and saw lots of the New Bern Bears. Dan took even more pics and bought some souvineers. We had luch at The Baker's Square, great sandwiches on homemade bread. Then Dan had to catch his plane home to Boston. The visit went by way too fast, but we all had a great time.

Boat Show Weekend

17 May 2010
April 15 - April 18

Thursday, I had been selected for a jury and couldn't get away, so Joe was heading over to Oriental alone. He had some chores he wanted to get done. He made good time and arrived mid afternoon. Maxine was fine when he got there. Something we always worry about when we have been away for awhile. The Silos was his choice for dinner, a Blue Cheese Burger.

Friday, This weekend was the 2nd Annual Oriental Boat Show, which is held at Pecan Grove Marina. Today was the opening day and there was alot going on. It was sunny and warm, a perfect boat show day! Joe planned to get some chores done and see some of the boat show. He decided to clean the bilges first and to get a leak in the line to the water pump fixed too. He got those done and headed in to town for lunch at The Oriental Harbor Marina Restaurant. They are building a roof over part of the outside dining area. This will be super when the weather is not nice or when it is too hot. When he got back he spent the afternoon at the boat show. He listened to several lectures on: Sailing Ergonaumics, Canvas Care, and Financing Your Boat Dream. It was a fun and productive day.

Saturday, Joe woke to another sunny warm day in Oriental. He rearranged the lines so that the lazy jack lines now reach the cockpit for easy adjustments. There was a cookout at the marina at lunch time and he went down for hot dogs with our boat neighbors. He spent the afternoon installing shelves in the fore and aft closets so we can organize things better. He made his dinner in the cockpit and then went to visit our friend John on his beautiful Island Packet.

Sunday, Up early and home. A long uneventful ride!

Winter Boat Check

10 February 2010
February 4, 2010
We got up early and headed over to Oriental. It was cold, but clear. We have had some really cold and wet weather so far this year, but luckily we found a great guy who will check on our boat when from time to time when the weather is bad. Now we won't worry so much. We arrived and found her to be quite happy at her dock, no problems. Yeah! We went to eat at The Silos for a late luch/ early dinner. We watched a movie and turned in early.

February 5, 2010
We awoke to.....Rain, again! This is getting ridiculous! We listened to the weather forcast and they were predicting snow and ice tomorrow and Sunday. We both had to be back for Monday and couldn't get stranded there, though it could be fun, so we decided to pack up and head home ahead of the storm. Well, the ride home was miserable, with traffic and heavy rain, but we made it.
Vessel Name: Maxine
Vessel Make/Model: 35 Irwin Citation
Hailing Port: Oriental, NC
Crew: Jean & Joe Hurley
About: We are originally from Cape Cod, MA and learned to sail around the cape and Islands. We sailed a Hunter 30 until recently when we bought an Irwin 35 Citation in Tampa, Florida and sailed her to Oriental, NC.
Extra: We live in Flowery Branch, GA but will be commuting to NC for weekends and vacations.

Adventures Aboard Maxine

Who: Jean & Joe Hurley
Port: Oriental, NC