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Jeanneau 38 for cruising?

20 June 2006
Do you think that a Jeanneau 38 SunShine 1987, could be a safe ocean cruiser?

We sailed for 17 years on a Jeanneau Sun Fizz, 1981, and considered it a seaworthy and safe cruiser. Our friend, who sold us the boat, seemed surprised that we had taken it so far - I don't think he considered it a safe ocean cruiser.

When your Sun Shine was built, Jeanneau was the largest sailboat builder in the world, and has some pretty wonderful boats out on the water. But every boat needs to be evaluated on its quality of construction, and the quality of its maintenance and care by its owners. Since I am not familiar with the SunShine, I think you need to look a bit further. First, the Jeanneau Owners' site would be a good way to talk with other people who own and sail in the boat you are interested in. http://jeanneau.tripod.com/jeanneau_owners.htm

For evaluating the quality of its care and current repair, a qualified marine surveyor is a good idea.

Beyond these two steps, I fervently believe that your own experience and ability have more to do with the safety of an ocean cruiser than the boat itself.

Fair winds,
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