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Cruising costs - again?

24 June 2006
My wife, myself and our 4 year old are thinking of extended cruising, would be happy with a 30 to 36 footer but what about living expenses? Seen your other answers in FAQ but not sure of dates... How does US$ 1 500 pm sound? We're not after a luxury life!

It's difficult to give figures because people's level of comfort and style of living are so different. Where will you be cruising, whether you will have any debt payments, your lifestyle - the kinds of foods you prepare and eat, etc.

Generally, you will probably spend about 10% more for food than you do while land-based if you cruise in the US or the Caribbean. South America and SE Asia are cheaper for food and clothing, but supplies and parts for your boat are often significantly more expensive.

You've got to budget for maintenance of the boat - haulout, repairs, pumps, etc. that break.

I think that you could do okay on $1,500 per month for now, but inflation and your child's maturity is going to increase that amount. Home schooling isn't outrageously expensive, but it is important to have the right program.

What a wonderful experience for you and your child. I wish you the best.

Fair winds,
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