Sail Meridian

The beginning of our Grand Adventure... or folly... we'll let you know!

20 January 2010 | Brisbane, Australia
14 January 2010 | Brisbane, Australia
24 December 2009 | Brisbane, Australia
12 December 2009 | underway
22 November 2009 | Noumea, New Caledonia
14 November 2009 | Noumea, New Caledonia
07 November 2009 | Ile Uere, New Caledonia
05 November 2009 | Espirito Santo, Vanuatu
21 October 2009 | Aore Island, Vanuatu
19 October 2009 | Peterson Bay, Espirito Santo
09 October 2009 | Espirito Santo
25 September 2009 | Tanna, Vanuatu
11 September 2009 | Vuda Point, Viti Levu, Fiji
13 August 2009 | Navadra, Fiji
24 July 2009 | Malolo Lailai, Fiji
29 June 2009 | Yadua Island, Fiji
26 June 2009 | Yadua Island, Fiji
10 June 2009 | Savusavu, Fiji
27 May 2009
19 May 2009 | Whangamumu, New Zealand

Weather Update

27 May 2009
So our passage forecast from Commanders this morning called for an easy light wind sail for the first 48 hours or so followed by a butt-spanking 40+ knot winds and big confused seas ("Buoy Weather" showed up to 30 foot seas!) over the weekend. So of course we said, "Let's go!"


Yes, we're tired of waiting. But not that tired.

We were all set to leave this morning. Several days ago our weather router advised that a possible weather window was opening up this Thursday and did we want them to create a passage forecast. We said, "Duh!"

So they did and we looked at it and it wasn't ideal: but to quote an oldie but goodie, "We've got to get out of this place... if it's the last thing we ever do." So we prepared the boat and ourselves and got ready to leave this morning. And when we woke up we had the updated forecast from Commanders advising us not to go and again we said, "Duh!"

We're not total wimps, by the way. We were prepared to go when the forecast was calling for 30 knots and 10-14 foot seas. (That was yesterday) But as of this morning the low pressure system causing this fuss has intensified significantly to create the above mentioned joy ride. And that's a trend we want no part of.

Commanders has told us the next window is on the 2nd.

So here we wait.

Hoping the next one will be THE ONE.
Vessel Name: Meridian
Vessel Make/Model: Tayana 48CC
Hailing Port: Napa, CA