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28 April 2011 | Tahuata Island, Hana Moe Noa Bay
28 April 2011 | Fatu Hiva
28 April 2011 | Atuona, Hiva Oa Island, Marquesas
12 April 2011 | Atuona, Hiva Oa Island, Marquesas
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Magic in the water

12 March 2011
The one thing about the waters in Mexico is the incredible amount of LIFE inside them.

I've never seen so much sea life anywhere. There is always something swimming or jumping in the water, even in the marinas!

One of my favorite things to do on this trip was to make the trip out to the boat after dark while we were anchored in La Cruz, just north of Puerta Vallarta. The phosphoresces was an electric green that almost jumped out of the water at you in it's brilliance. I could never tire of simply watching the never ending neon bow wave slide silently through the water. But what was the absolute best were the flying fish. Hundreds of them. The dingy would disturb and frighten them and they'd go darting through the water, neon green little torpedos, then they'd jump out and fly through the air for a few feet that ended in a tiny iridescent splash. And I'd think.... How fucking cool is THAT!!

Then anytime we took the boat out for a day cruise in the bay, we'd see humpback whales for sure, dolphins, and maybe even some flying manta rays.

Coming down the coast yesterday from Chamela Bay to Tenacatita Bay, we saw three different whales, a pod of about 100 dolphins came to play with us for awhile, and the sea was practically agog with sunning sea turtles. I told Yuka the turtles reminded me of all the crab traps I had to go through on the coast of Washington. There were tons of them and it was surprising we didn't hit any!

Not to mention the millions of jellyfish that we passed for about an hour. Them being so damn thick I kept checking my engine temperature, thinking they'd clog the raw water intake for sure.

Waking up every morning there is always something to see down here. Fish are jumping and swimming around the boat, making the surface dance a little, and exciting your imagination with what is actually down there.... Pods of rays sometimes swim by to say good morning, the ends of their wings coming out of the water and fluttering slowly in the morning light. Or sometimes there's the blow of a far off whale to tell you they're around.

It really is magical in a lot of ways. This life of living on the sea....Our tiny craft feels every wave and ripple, every current and eddy, keeping us in close touch with the pulse of mother earth in a very intimate way. Showing us, if we just keep our eyes are open, how incredible, and breathtakingly beautiful, simply living with nature can be.
Vessel Name: Merkava
Vessel Make/Model: Fraser 41
Hailing Port: Vancouver
Crew: Yuka n Mark
About: We are from Squamish, it's a small town about an hour north of Vancouver, BC Canada.
Extra: We are in the south pacific! First stop will be French Polynesia, then across to Tonga and finally to New Zealand. After that! Who knows!
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Who: Yuka n Mark
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