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28 May 2015 | San Pedro, LA Harbor, USA
01 February 2015 | San Pedro, LA Harbor, USA

Why is the Rear Tube Splitting on My Formosa 41

28 May 2015 | San Pedro, LA Harbor, USA
Capt Bill
This weird! I have a PSS dripless system on a relatively new shaft on Formosa 41. I replaced my transmission 100 hours ago with a used identical model and noticed no new vibration or noises as I have gone to Catalina several times since with no problems since replacing the transmission and I thought my worries were over.

After returning from Catalina over Memorial Day, I heard water running and my bilge pump going off. I looked and the bellows on my PSS unit had slipped back an inch from the rotor face and sea water was coming in. Had I not tightened the stern of the bellows sufficiently when I relocated it to remove the transmission? Maybe, so I readjusted the bellows and tightened the hose clamps to stop the obvious leak at the rotor but the some water still continued to flow from a horizontal slit or crack in the stainless steel rear tube just outside the bellows! Wow? Where did that come from? I readjusted the position of the rotor and the bellows to enclose the slit but the slit kept creeping down the length of the tube and I ran out of adjustment room for the bellows and the rotor.

Fortunately, I was able to wrap some self sealing silicone tape around the rear tube crack to contain the water flow but I don't know how that slit or crack in the rear tube came to be and how to keep it from happening again! Does anyone have any thoughts? I have been living aboard 14 years and this problem has got me stumped!!
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