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The Adventure Continues: 1.5 Years and Counting;We're Almost There! Join Us for That Final Push.

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Who: Dave and Mary
Port: Annapolis, MD
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Davits Installed/Launch Date!

06 March 2010 | Annapolis, MD
Dave / 38 degrees Sunny!
Star Date: 03062010.0800
We finally got the Kato Davits installed. They have to measure the dinghy lift points in order to cut the stabilizing bar to proper length and install the 4:1 lift lines. I'll have a picture for you later.
We are still pondering our outboard purchase because we cannot make our minds up on the horsepower. We both worry about the weight, even though we have a lift, and we don't want to over purchase like we all tend to do. I'm leaning towards a 6-8 horsepower short shaft four stroke. And with the purchase of the outboard, that should complete the purchases for this year, believe that and I'll tell you another one.
I think the next two items will be a new motorized windlass and two motorized winches.
Mary and I are getting excited about our upcoming boating season, with launch only 60 days away. Looks like a launch date of April 30th. We have hired a captain for training over that weekend and have left open the option for additional dates.
Mary and I have also picked the design for the graphics for Midnight Breeze, and they should be installed before the launch date. (pictures will be forthcoming).
I also decided to put the house up for sale, hoping to get a purchaser before the April deadline on the new home tax credit. With the house out of the way, I'll be able to devote more time and of course money in getting Midnight Breeze ready for the Islands. (I'm open to suggestions on equipment both make and brand).
All electronic systems will be replaced with newer versions and we are going to install two 85 watt solar cells, a wind generator, water maker, new battery bank, (in addition to the one we have), a SSB radio(already a ham N3GVP), and the list can go on forever. Of course this will be spread out over the next 3.5 years.
As soon as we get a half decent day here I will get some updated pictures on the davits and graphics.
Until next time!
Vessel Name: Midnight Breeze
Vessel Make/Model: 2011 Beneteau 43
Hailing Port: Annapolis, MD
Crew: Dave and Mary
About: Dave is from the junk food capital of the world--Hanover, Pa. Mary is from Pikesville, Md. We plan to outfit Midnight Breeze over the next 1.5 years while cruising the Chesapeake Bay. We'll then cast off our lines and head south for the adventure we have always dreamed of.
Extra: Join us on our path to retirement. Help us along the way with your ideas and suggestions. And just maybe, somewhere in time we shall meet. To quote a nice phrase..."We are going cruising not to escape from life but to keep life from escaping us." (Betsy Holman)
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Midnight Breeze Being Hauled Out
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Created 3 November 2011
Ft. Pierce, Florida June 1, 2011
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Created 9 June 2011
The Launching of the New Midnight Breeze
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Created 21 May 2011
First Shots of our new boat after delivery.
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Created 28 February 2011
Assembly line shots of the New Midnight Breeze.
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Created 11 January 2011
July 4th Wedding
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Created 25 July 2010
Our first sail by ourselves since our first lesson.
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Created 9 June 2010
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Created 26 May 2010
Midnight Breeze
8 Photos
Created 2 January 2010

About Us

Who: Dave and Mary
Port: Annapolis, MD