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The Adventure Continues: 1.5 Years and Counting;We're Almost There! Join Us for That Final Push.

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Who: Dave and Mary
Port: Annapolis, MD
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Need Input!

10 December 2010
Dave / Clear 24 degrees!
Stardate: 12102010.0400
Well, it is finally done. The old has made way for the new. Midnight Breeze was finally sold yesterday. Mary and I had the boat for exactly one year almost to the day. This past weekend we took a trip to our marina and looked at her for the last time. She was still in the water from her survey and was being readied to be pulled once again. I have a bad habit of always second guessing myself and I am doing that now. Did I really need a new boat when I was satisfied with the one we had? Well, too late now.
The new Midnight Breeze will be delivered at the end of January. However we are not picking it up until the first of May. Because of the Bay Bridge Boat Show, which is held at our marina, all boats must vacate their slips for the show. The show is held the last weekend of April. While Mary and I were down for our last visit to the old Midnight Breeze, we picked out our new slip. See, Bay Bridge Marina is getting an overhaul and they are installing all new floating docks this winter. Niiiiice!! Of course with new docks come a new price. Not too bad, however. If they go up again we'll have to move on. In fact this might backfire in their face. As it was the marina was over half empty last year. I am sure that some of our friends will not be returning. Right now we are staying.
The main reason for this log entry is I need some input from a few of you "old salts". When I ordered the new Midnight Breeze I decided not to get the bow thruster installed. Now I am wavering on that decision also. Midnight Breeze is a 43ft Beneteau with a 5.5ft draft. What say you? Should I or not? There is not a problem installing the bow thruster after the fact and it will not cost anymore than if I had it done at the factory. And they will have ample time to do the installation well before the May pick-up. I just don't know! As Five-Alive would say "need input"! Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving and I wish everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy Holiday Season.
Vessel Name: Midnight Breeze
Vessel Make/Model: 2011 Beneteau 43
Hailing Port: Annapolis, MD
Crew: Dave and Mary
About: Dave is from the junk food capital of the world--Hanover, Pa. Mary is from Pikesville, Md. We plan to outfit Midnight Breeze over the next 1.5 years while cruising the Chesapeake Bay. We'll then cast off our lines and head south for the adventure we have always dreamed of.
Extra: Join us on our path to retirement. Help us along the way with your ideas and suggestions. And just maybe, somewhere in time we shall meet. To quote a nice phrase..."We are going cruising not to escape from life but to keep life from escaping us." (Betsy Holman)

About Us

Who: Dave and Mary
Port: Annapolis, MD