Midnight Sun - Sets Sail

19 August 2019
13 August 2014 | Gloucester MA
04 August 2014
01 August 2014
01 August 2014
01 August 2014
01 August 2014
31 July 2014
25 July 2014 | The Battery - NYC
21 July 2014 | Kingston NY
21 July 2014 | Kingston NY
19 July 2014 | Catskill, NY
17 July 2014
17 July 2014 | Champlain Canal - Hudson River
16 July 2014
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10 July 2014

Boat Stink

04 August 2014
Boat stink

What is this smell that emanates
from me, I cannot say
I wash - shampoo - I shower
It will not go away

Fair landlubber as you avert your nose
I do apologize
I know I stink - I just got clean
Can't you see it in mine eyes?

My hands smellĀ like a yeasty beer
even though I do not drink
The nicest way to say it
'Tis simply "that I've got boat stink"

With boat stink all around me
I now fully understandĀ 
How the trades in rum and spices
made their way to the "New" land

For without such sense masking commodities
Humans might prefer to stay far apart
But "boat stink"
blocked by Captain Morgan and cinnamon
Will go straight
to any sailors heart

Farewell the Endless List

14 July 2014
Cotter pins, spark plugs, impellers and tape
Dive gear, food, fender boards - what else do we take?
Electronic gear that will boggle the mind - encased in packaging that is very unkind.

Sextant, paper charts and a well rested crew - let us hope that the rest in not too much ado.
The list is a jumble of survival and fun.

When we cast off the lines - "The List" is inevitably DONE !! :-)

A Yearning for the Sea

20 June 2014
Near 7 years its beckoned me - the sea her distant call
Come be with me and frolic - in my swells ever so tall

Fear not the mighty storms and squalls - that hasten land bound hearts
I'll lead you to safe harbors - to calm the worried heart

I wait for you, to show you all the joys of the setting sun
Diamonds I will weave up above - when day is done

To guide you to your next bound port - I'll give you all the tools
Mother nature holds the timetable - as she has the final rule

Midnight Sun gets a Name

01 March 2006 | Boothbay Region Boatyard
We first arrived in October, on a crystal clear night
An IP370, she bobbed in the moonlight

Getting to Boothbay, always late, by far
Traveling East, as it seemed, towards a bright star

In selecting a name, we are quite new
According to Norm, Wind or Weather won't do

Vessel and dinghy, ummm... what name seems right...
Stargazer and Twinkle
Moonshine and Tipsy
Moonbeam and Comet
We gravitate towards, a theme of the night

A traveling spirit is fueling our dream
Some Viking decent, draws us North so it seems

To the land of the "Midnight Sun" we do hope to sail
With Comet the dinghy fast on our tail

And so true to blind fate, she claims her name in our sights
For we typically board, her stern at Midnight.
Vessel Name: Midnight Sun
Hailing Port: Boothbay Harbor ME
Crew: Dick and Cheryl
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