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Back South to Marathon for the Winter!

24 December 2017 | Sombrero Dockside Marina, Marathon Florida
13 December 2017 | Sunset Bay Marina, Stuart Fl
04 December 2017 | Vero City Marina
24 November 2017 | Palm Coast Marina, Palm Coast Florida
10 November 2017 | Rivers Edge Marina St Augustine
05 November 2017 | Ortega River Marina, Jacksonville Fl
29 October 2017 | Lady's Island Marina, Beaufort SC
26 October 2017 | Lady's Island Marina
24 October 2017 | Harbor Walk Marina, Georgetown S.C.
16 October 2017 | Osprey Marina, Myrtle Beach S.C.
06 September 2017 | Rivers Bend Campground, New Haven Vt
01 July 2017 | Riversbend Campround, New Haven Vt
04 June 2017 | Osprey Marina, Myrtle Beach S.C.
08 May 2017 | Beaufort, S.C., Lady's Island
05 May 2017 | Sisters Creek, Jacksonville Fl
29 April 2017 | St Augustine, Rivers Edge Marina
24 April 2017 | Palm Coast Marina, Palm Coast
20 April 2017 | Cocoa Beach Fl
16 April 2017 | Vero Beach City Marina

Hey, We're in Marathon!

24 December 2017 | Sombrero Dockside Marina, Marathon Florida
Craig, Sunny 80's....everyday!
So its been 2 weeks since my last confession....I mean blog! I have bloggers guilt as I use to do this everyday! Anyway, we stayed in Stuart until Dec 16th so we could partake in the fabulous Christmas party put on by Sunset Bay booze and food....We're in! I also finished putting on our new solar panels which are working great....double the amps of our old ones! Thanks to Allan and Geraldine from Stray Cat fame, for taking us out to Dinner and the Flea Market while they visited. Allan helped me get the panels to the boat in the mooring field.It was great to see them again. We left Stuart around 8:00am last Saturday and made it Old Port Comfort Marina for a one night stay. We hadn't plugged in for 20 something days so it was good to give our batteries a good charging. The generator and solar panels never get the batteries back to 100% unless I run the generator for hours which isn't practical. While there, I realized the Dometic Freezer/ cooler had scrapped instinct was a blown fuse in the 12 v plug and I was right.(years of experience I guess). I had to Uber to nearby West Marine to find the proper fuse. We had walked earlier in the day nut at that time I didn't notice the cooler lights all out.The store closed at 8pm so off I went....thankfully they had the right fuse although my initial phone call with them said they didn't have it...I went anyway because I knew they did! I Ubered back and installed the fuse and its been working like a charm again. We ordered a pizza and some wings for dinner from the insight delli which were really good! They even give you free coffee or soda while you stay there....nice folks! The next morning we headed south for Ft Lauderdale and decided to take a mooring at Los Olas Marina in Lauderdale. The marina is in rough shape with the clubhouse and office being torn down for a parking garage! The office is in a double wide trailer now...we were told the whole thing is for sale! Too bad, used to be a nice stop. It was Sunday so we got some wakes but it wasn't too bad....lots of decorated Christmas boats came through until 10:00pm! The next morning we went through another 20 bridges or so which only a few we had to wait for...our 16.5 air draft allows us to get under most without an opening! We did have to pour on the coal to make one bridge just north of Miami but the tender held it for us and another boat....unusual behavior down here because they really stick to their schedules. We did see something unusual on the way through Miami....a giant tree on a barge being moved somewhere south! It was huge! We eventually made it to Marine Stadium in Miami for a night at anchor. Always a great view of the city at night. A high school sculling team was practicing which was fun to watch. The only bad thing was some jerks on her skis buzzing all around creating havoc for the scullers and anyone anchored. They came so close to us that they through water into an open window and half filled or dinghy....welcome to Miami! We did go to shore on a little sandy Island in the Stadium.( they used to race boats in this giant horseshoe) Dylan had a blast and it was good to get our toes in sand and water. The next morning after a quiet night,( no jet skiers) we got up and left for Tarpon Basin, our last stop before Marathon. The Biscayne Bay was flat calm which is unusual this time of the year...very good trawler weather! You do get used to 5.5 ft - 7 ft of water most of the way down the inside passage. Not really! I was constantly looking at the depth gauge, I'd have been better off turning it off....always shallow but if you stay in the marked channel, no problem. We anchored in Tarpon Basin and had a calm night in fact, we saw no other boats coming south all day I guess there is still some hurricane anxiety out there about going to the keys this year. We really didn't notice any damage until we approached Marathon. Most of the sunk boats have been removed in this part of the far 1800 have been recovered we were told! We did notice some rather large piles of debris on Islamorada! The next day,Wed the 20th, we arrived in Marathon after about 7 hours....the damage to boats and infrastructure was way more evident but everything is being put back together, the progress is amazing! We pulled into Sombrero Dockside Marina, our winter home, around 4:15. Roy the manager and Bruce from Summer Wind, helped us in. There is some damage to A dock but B dock whete we are is in pretty good shape. The bathrooms and bar are a mess still and the problem is the Marina can't fix their own has to be a certified licensed marine contractor only. Crazy rule but that's the way it is. These guys are right out straight so who knows when they will be able to come here to finish the fix up. There is still one handicap bathroom just built last year that survived the storm...Donna is happy! So here we are, I have been playing a lot of golf across the street at the Florida Keys Golf Club with Bruce and Claudette from Summer Wind. Its free while they get ready to reopen for the next week or so. The course is in rough shape but it's getting better. Speaking of golf, Bruce and I scored big at KMart here when we found some expensive golf clubs for $3.00/ a club! These are Ping and Top Flite clubs folks....somehow they came here from Docks Sporting Goods...what a deal! Lefty clubs for me too! We still don't know if it was a mistake, but the the approved the price. We've been out to dinner a few times with Bruce and Claudette, I've fixed the bike tires which always seem to need it when we first get here. In fact I had to take Donnas bike over to the bike shop to buy a tube and a tire for mine...the sun and the salt is tough on things down here! Donna's been doing a lot of shopping at all her old favorites and yes Jane, Bealls is open! We are settling in nicely awaiting all our other dominates to show up over the next month. Larry and Margie get her in about 11 days, we can't wait! So that's all for now except tomorrow we go to the cruisers pot luck Christmas party at City Marina by dinghy of course in style! Merry Christmas to all our friends and family and all readers we don't know. This is the time of the year when we miss them the most. Oh ya, I almost forgot. We had our DNA tested as Christmas presents to each other. The results are in and lets just say we are as British, Irish, Welsh and Scottish as you can get. My wife's French ancestors apparently originated in Great Britain before they went to the new world in Quebec Canada. She has very little French or Western Europe DNA! Who knew! It has caused quite a commotion in her family! Lol. More to follow on this!

Pip pip, Cheerio
Craig ,Donna and Dylan

Stewart is Great as Always

13 December 2017 | Sunset Bay Marina, Stuart Fl
Sunny and cold....low 60's
Man, I can't believe its 9 days since my last blog! Time flies! Anyway, we made it down to Stewart from Vero in 5 hours. A nice cruise in warm weather accompanied by a multitude of dolphins! Dylan was very happy watching his fellow mammals ride our wake. One enthusiastic dolphin rode along for about 5 miles! Apparently he had a hot date I at Jensen Beach where he dropped off!. We made our way up the St Lucie River at slack tide which meant we weren't fighting a 2-3 or current! We took mooring ball 9 at Sunset Bay Marina near the town park, which makes it easy to walk Dylan. Deb and Ron from Scheharazade were here until 2 days ago. Donna and Deb did a lot of shopping almost everyday! They rode courtesy bikes all over town looking for who knows what! Lol. Last Wed. we met up with Larry and Margie from Travellin' L&M, who live in Port St Lucie not to far from the marina. We went out to a Chinese all you can eat buffet and stuffed good! We are going out with them again tonight to check out the Christmas lights in Ft Pierce...should be fun! We also went out to Dinner at local favorite, Duffy's, with Manfred, who is from Brian and Jane's yacht club in Toronto! ( Mar a Lago). It was great to talk to him again. Manfred was born in Germany during WWIl and is a great source of historical knowledge about the War from a German perspective. Just a great guy who lives on his boat here all winter....can we do this into our 80's like him? We shall see...... The courtesy bus has taken us on a couple of shopping excursions out of town which is always a nice perk, driven by Sam who is the marina mgt and is a real card! He knows a lot of jokes! We even met up with Allan and Geraldine from Stray Cat fame who now are here from New Brunswick on their RV! We met them for lunch on Saturday after we went to the Flea Melt. It was great to see them again. They are loving their new RV life and are planning to circumnavigate the US and Canada! Maybe we will go with them in our RV someday on an adventure! The other thing I've been busy with is replacing our old, tired solar panels. I ordered them from Amazon and they arrived in 5 days! I removed the old ones in about an hour and installed the new ones in a couple of hours. I even moved our satelite dome to the other side of the boat to stop it from shading the panel. We have gone from 4 amp hours to 13 Amps with the new panels! Very happy! We are here until Saturday morning before we head south to Port Cove Marina for one night as we push south to Marathon. We want to get plugged in to give the batteries a good jolt. We have been on our generator and solar for 18 days! The last comment us its been tricking cold for the last 5 days! 60's in the day and 40's at night....very unusual weather for sure! We need to get south! Thats all for now....we always enjoy our stay in Stuart!
Fair Winds and Calm Seas!

Vero Beach is Always Fun!

04 December 2017 | Vero City Marina
Craig, Sunny 80's
I can't believe it's 10 days since my last blog....time flies when you're having fun! So after leaving Palm Coast we headed to an overnight in New Smyrna at the City Marina. The ride down was very nice with light winds and a good push from the tide. Once tied up, Donna went shopping in town and I cleaned up the boat. We went to a Thai Restaurant for dinner in town and I haveto say it was very good although it was a little spicy! The next morning we headed 50 miles down to another favorite spot at Cocoa and Merrit Island. Cocoa sustained alot of damage from Irma so the dinghy docks were destroyed and unusable as a result we anchored on the Merritt Island side and went to shore there. We met up with Deb and Ron from Sheharazade in the anchor area next to the causeway to Cocoa. Great to see them again! We dyngied to town on the Merritt side and went to West Marine to get some new dyngy life jackets. Donna went on to TJ Maxx while Dylan and I went back to the boat. Donna picked up some Wendy's junk food on her way home....we loved it! The next morning after a quiet night on the hook, we pulled up anchor and headed to Vero Beach...aka...Velcro Beach! Ron and Deb left at 7:00am and we left at 8:30...took us all day to catch them on the Indian River but just before Vero we gave them a slow pass and headed in to the Vero Beach City Marina. We picked up some fuel...200 gals. and then headed to our mooring which Ron and Deb had already picked up. Vero allows rafting up because it is so protected and we both rafted up to a sailboat named Gelato with nice folks named Allen and Sue. Velcro so named because it had everything, good weather all winter, free bus service all over town, active cruising community, dog park near by, beach near by and great restaurants, bars and movie theaters! Its hard for folks to leave and many decide to spend the winter hear. Monday we went to Mr. Manatees for $5.00 hamburger night with Ron and Deb....very large and very scrumptious burgers! Cheap beer too! Thursday was a cruisers happy hour pot luck where we met new friends and saw old ones too. Friday I went to a movie at the mall while Donna went to Wal-Mart. The free bus takes you all over the place! Saturday Jacque and Dan from Horizon Chaser showed up by car. They are staying nearby at the Suntex Vero Marina for the winter. We all walked down to Vero Beach to watch the Christmas parade....92 floats! I forgot to mention on Friday, John Bacon Jr. and his girl friend Connie tied up to us in his new to him Regal Cruiser. We had a beer and talked about what everybody had been up to since last spring when we saw John last. Connie wad out of town in the spring so this was our first time meeting her. You're a lucky guy John! So back to the was very well done but half way through we had seen enough red and green lights and decided to go to Bobby's for Dinner with Dan and Jacque. Great food in a nice atmosphere. Yesterday we met Ron and Dianna Heagney for lunch at Riverside Bar and Grill to watch the Patriots and 19 other games. It was great to see them again. If you have followed this blog you will remember Ron and I worked and played together at Pfizer Animal Health for over 25 years. We even went to Ireland with them once. They own a condo on nearby Hutchinson Island. We had a great lunch and you guessed beer and in fact, Jacque and Dan joined us at half time. A good time was had by all. I think they will get together there after we leave on Wed to watch the Pats. My Giants played at 4:30 and U watched the horror show of the Eli Manning benching on the boat. Thankfully they fired the coach and GM today!!! Rebuilding starts now! Tonight we are heading back over to Mr Manatees for $5.00 burger night and we may meet Sue and Dean from Autumn Born who got here from the Hudson River a few days ago. Old friends of ours that we met through Elle and I, Lawrence and Elaine when they were cruising. Should be fun! I put on some 36 gallons of water today...6 gallons at a time... We got pumped out by the pump out boat...more reason to stay...maybe in the future. Tomorrow we go to breakfast with Jacque and Dan at Mrs. Macs Filling Station....a Vero Must. The menus are on old license plates! Wed we will achieve escape velocity from Velcro and head to Stuart where we will stay for a week. We plan on installing some new solar panels there as our current ones are not doing the job. Our oldest two 100 watt panels have given up the ghost! Besides the newer panels work better even if shaded. The prices have also come way down. Two 180 watt panels for $370 dollars! We are looking forward to Stuart and we hope to see Larry and Margie from Osprey Marina on Wanderin' L&M and maybe Bill and Maureen from Sweet Freedom who just bought a condo near Stuart. They have become CLODs...cruisers living on dirt! Anyway, we will be moving on to Marathon around Dec 14th with arrival around the 20th...looking forward to seeing the gang!

Fair winds and Calm Seas

Palm Coast for Thanksgiving

24 November 2017 | Palm Coast Marina, Palm Coast Florida
Raint and mid 60'!
I cant believe I havent blogged in 2 weeks! Slacker!...anyway, we stayed in St Augustine for 2 fun filled weeks. Lots of shopping, food folks and fun!. Dan and Kath had us over to their beautiful house many times for dinner and frivolity! They even took us to the beach one day just to hang. Here, yoy just drive on the beach to the place you want to set up! No ealking necessary! My back wad still bothering me so Donna,Kath and Dan went for a 2 hour walk down the beach! I did a nice 2 hr. sit just watching the ocean and all the other beach goers. I even tried my new to me metal detector.....nothing found! Let me say right here that Kath is an amazing cook, chicken Parm one night, lasagna pasta soup another night, homemade chicken noodle soup on our last night that was simply Dan stays thin.....I don't know! We also had a BBQ with John and Jennifer from Lady J before the Night of Lights celebration downtown last Saturday... Dan made me a burger with a fried egg on it...a first for me! It was amazing. We played a very long game of darts before we left for the lighting ceremony....not enough aiming oil I think! (Alcohol). We walked downtown to the park where the christmas concert at the bandstand was going full blast! This show is always professinal and fun with everybody wraring red velvet and Santa hats! The only thing that was a downer was a protest by a local church gtoup orotesting some Civil war markers...honoring the dead, plus the grave of a prominent southern general who was buried under his monument....the town said the protesters could put up plaques talkinf about slavery next to the plaques as a compromise but they were not interested in that. Moving a grave is a seroius issue no matter who is buried there but these folks didnt care. Anyway they marched around a coyple of times and then left the area...not a big deal all thougj many families didnt go because they were afraid of possible violence...lots of police kept a lid on things...why they chose something celebrating Christmas to protest doesn't really help their cause...just pissed people off. We hung around for a couple of hours and then went back to Dan and Kaths for dessert....strawberry, chocolate cheesecake! So good. Tuesday we said goodbye to Rivers Edge marina and headed to Palm Coast Marina to see our friends the Benz's, Tom and Marti, and enjoy Thanksgiving with them....5th year in a row! They are so nice to us every trip to and from Marathon. They loan us their Cadillac, feed us for Thanksgiving and invited us to their house for Thanksgiving leftovers good a cook that Kath Craig is Marti is just as talented....what a feast and even Tom makes his world famous sweetcorn caserole! We were stuffed! Thanks again Benz's for your friendship and fellowship...without being in to boating, we never would have met them back in Vt 20 years ago! Boating has broufht us so many new friends over the years. People ask why we do what we do and honestly, making great friendships over the years is the number 1 reason! Love this lifestyle! On the way down from St Augustine we heard from Deb and Ron Kurtz from Sheharazade who are staying at nearby Marineland Marina while some rainy,cool weather passes by until tomorrow Saturday. We will travel down to Vero beach together over the next few days and stay there for a week or so. While there, we will meet up with Jacque and Dan from Horizon Chaser who will be staying in Vero for the winter. Cant wait to see them again....we last saw them in Maine while on our RV in July! The weather has been crazy rainy for the last couple of days but the next week looks much better so off we go tomorrow!
Fair Winds and Calm Seas

St Augustine, Food Folks and Fun

10 November 2017 | Rivers Edge Marina St Augustine
Craig, 60's.......
Our trip to St Augustine Monday staeted out in sunshine and quickly became foggy! The crew was a little uneasy but fortunately it never really closed in. We had a mile of visibility until it lifted around 9:30am. The current was against us all the way down the St Johns River...sometimes 3 or 4 kts which meant I had to crank it up a burn some fuel to maintain 7kts of speed! 17 miles later we got back into the ICW and it was like we wers shot out of a cannon! 10 kts which meant the trip to Augustine would be about 3 hrs instead if 4! Amazingly, we saw 2 boats all day heading south...very strange there arent more. About half way to St Augustine near Pointavedre the tide reversed and we got a push of 3 kts all the way to St A. When we arrived at the inlet to head up in town we noticed huge plumes of black smoke. We found out later this is what they are doing with all the hurricane vegetative debris....burning it! It reduces the pile by 90% and ash is cheaper than whole trees to move to land fills I guess. Within a half hour we were motoring up the San Sebastian River to one of our favorite marinas, Rivers Edge Marina. Great folks run it and the rate for 2 weeks was very reasonable. We pulled into our slip at dead low, got tied up and went next door to Hurricane Patty's, a favorite watering hole. Great crab dip and chicken wings! Summer Wind showed up the next day and it was great to see Bruce and Claudette again! They were here for 3 days before they pushed on to Daytona and points south today, Friday. Tuesday night we went over to Kath and Dan Craigs house, cruiset friends we met 3 yrs ago in the Bahamas. They sold their boat Majiks last year and have settled in St Augustine. Kath made her world famous chicken parm which was heaven. They have a beautiful house near us that they have rehabbed themselves....just gorgeous. We heard rumblings about buying a boat again and our fingers are crossed.just a fantastic evening reminiscing about old times and friends topped off sitting around their gas fireplace out back in their yard. Thanks again guys!Wed. I checked out where the water was getting into the forward bilge. Donna emptyied the mid cabin where our water heater lives under the bunk. As I suspected...the water heater was leaking and basically was rotted we ordered one from the Boat Shop here and it was to be delivered the next day. Bruce and I rode a couple of loaner bikes to West Marine and another commercial marine supplier in town to pick up a few things natical. Claudette, Bruce, Donna and I went to Hurricane Patty's for Wing night on Wed and as usual they were great. Donna had the Jerk Quesedia which was fantastic and half price!. Bruce and I decided to catch the 7:00 pm movie out of town at the Epic Uber ride later, we were there for our man date!! Lol We watched Thor..Raganock which was very good. Ubered home after and we were home by 9:45. I forgot to mention we got a phone call from Brian and Jane from Mar A Lago fame, who were on there way to Mexico to visit friends. We sure do miss them and I'm pretty sure they miss us and the adventure of the ICW. Anyway, Thursday morning the new water heater was put in by a guy named Bobby who is a third my size so he could get into the tight space that our water heater lived in. 2.5 hours later and a lot of wrestling, we got the old one out and the new one in! The hole it came out of was 13 inches wide and the heater was....wait for it.....13 inches wide. It took some armstrong tactics and a couple of feet to get the new one in!. It works great and it was good we did it when we did as I could put my finger right through the side!! Last night after Donna went to the thrift stores and I put the boat back together, we went out with Dan,Kath,Claudette and Bruce to the Chianti Room to have 2 for 1 beers and a free slice of pizza for happy hour. Dan and Kath Drove us in to town in the old section to the restaurant thank God because my back has been acting up. A little Sciattica I think which I havent had in years. Ugh. This too will pass I hope! Kath and Dan had never met Bruce and Claudette so they were in fir a treat. Claudette started telling some of her stories and there was non stop laughter! We ordered Pizza, Donna's fav and spaghetti with meatballs, my fav. So good! We walked around Old Town and got some ice cream and checked out the shops. We then drove back to the Marina and said good bye to Claudette and Bruce who were shoving off at 7am this morning. We will see them down the road and we even made plans to travel down from Miami to Marathon un Dec. We will see Kath and Dan again over the next week so no need to say our good byes yet. There are no nicer people in the world than Dan, Kath, Bruce and Claudette and we are glad to be able to call them our friends. Today Donna got up at 7:00 to help Summer Wind on its back said Im staying in bed ...thank you very much. When I did get up, I peddled my bike down to Target to get a heating pad and a Copper Fit back only hurts when I move!! Hopefully things will get feels more like a muscle pull so hopefully it will heal soon. We are hear for another 9 days so I have time to recuperate. Thats all for now kids except one more thing....a cold front came through today and highs were only in the 60's brrr. It will be in the 70's again next week.Lastly, thank you to all the veterans out there. Without you, there is no us!

Fair Winds and Calm Seas
The Crew of Mighty Fine

Blue Angels and Free Beer

05 November 2017 | Ortega River Marina, Jacksonville Fl
Sunny mid 80's
After we left Beaufort we headed to Isle of Hope Marina 60 miles away so we could hit Hell Gate at near High tide on Tuesday, another ICW trouble spot! Like 3 ft at low tide! While at Isle of Hope Marina we went out to a cool Mexican Restaurant via courtesy car near the Marina....great cheap Mexican food! The next morning we headrd out at first light, 7:15 am, for Hell Gate which had an extra 5 ft if water when we went through the cut. Our original plan was to stop half way to Brunswick for the night but we were making such good time that by noon wr had gone 50 miles, so we pressed on to Brunswick, makong it through the Little Mud River on a rising tide of 3 extra feet which we needed because we hit a couple of 6 ft spots which would have been 3 ft at low tide! Yikes! Anyway after a long day, we arrived in Brunswick at 5:15 and tied up for two days to enjoy a Halloween Party at the Clubhouse Tuesday night and a cruisers party the next night. The beer is free the laundry is free and the folks are friendly! We even ran into Marathon friends, Cincinatti Bob and Katie! Donna and I went as Giants fans decked out in our Giants gear. The marina provided free pizza too! Brunswick Landing Marina is always worth a stop! Thursday we headed out at 8:30 so we could get through Jekyl Creek which is another shallow area. Well the fog was pretty thick but I could see the shore and out a quarter mile so off we went....the tide was falling fast in Jekyl and we had to get there before 9:30 to safely make it through. My bride was not a happy camper but the choices were few. We have radar and gps on our plotters so I could tell if any ships were heading our way but it was still scary. Fortunately the fog broke just as we reached the creek and made it through still reading some 5 ft depths! Next was St Andrews sound which can be a bear but Thursday it was like a mill pond! The rest of the rise to Sisters Creek free dock was a piece of cake. We even made it through the shallow areas at Fernindina without any problems even at dead low tide. Our Navionics plotter got us through nicely. We arrived at the free dock at Sisters Creek around 4pm and fortunately, there were 4 other boats there and we got help getting in as the current was pretty strong. We knew a couple of the folks and we had a couple of beers and discussed winter plans. Sisters Creek is right before the St Johns River which goes up to Jacksonville. We decided to go visit our friends from our Bahama trip 3 years ago, John and Jennifer Botterbusch, who live on there boat, Lady J at Ortega River Marina in Jacksonville. John works at the Marina part time and got us a slip for 3 nights! It just so happens there was a Blue Angels Air show this weekend! John invited our friends Kath and Dan who owned a boat called Majiks before they swallowed the anchor last year. It was great to see them again and we will see more of them as we spend the next two weeks in St Augustine whete they live. We all went out on Lady J which is a 40 ft Manta catamaran sail boat, to watch the air show right by the naval base. What a great show of death defying acrobatics. The show started at 11 and ended with the Blue Angels at 4 pm. The Angels were just amazing with their precision flying jus inches away from each other! Just a great bucket list show! Today we hung loose, Donna did some laundry and John drove us to Lowes and Walmart. We bougjt some 105 lbs of barbells at Walmart because Mighty Fine had develooed a list since the couch wad removed and replaced with much lighter chairs. So....I added more weight to the starnoard side to level us out! It worked! Lol. We had dinner on Lady J tonight and talked about future plans. We will see them down in St Augustine in 2 weeks for the festival of lights where the town turns on a million Christmas lights in the park and puts on a fabulous Holiday show....this is iur 4th year attending this event which is a blast! So tomorrow we head out to Rivers Edge Marina in Augustine where we will meet up with Claudette and Bruce of Summer Wind fame who just put their boat in the water at nearby St Mary's. It woll be great to see them again! Thats sll for was a busy week but we are in Florida again!! It is always great to meet up with old friends again!!
Fair Winds and Calm Seas.
Vessel Name: Mighty Fine
Vessel Make/Model: Mainship 390
Hailing Port: Charlotte, Vt
Crew: Captain's Craig & Donna Lewis & First Mate Dylan the dog
We have been boating on Lake Champlain for 35 years and now we have retired and are heading to the Florida Keys this winter on our next great adventure. We are full time live aboards now. We will be leaving Pt Bay Marina this Sept.. Dylan the dog is our new first mate. [...]
Extra: We winter in Marathon in the keys and leave the boat in S.C. for the summer. For 3 months we stay on our RV in is good!
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