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27 April 2010 | Seychelles

Having Fun

27 April 2010 | Seychelles
Milly - stinking hot.
The day finally came. We were at Nana and pa's for dinner after that mum, dad, Ella, Nana, pa and I hoped into the car and set of to the airport. We finally got there after a 2 hour drive. We got our stuff out of the car and went in to the airports door and went to check in. while Nana and par wait with the hand luggage. Just before we hop on to the airplan there is a chek in and secerty ways your hand luggage. We were way over the limet. So we chuked out twilight, new moon and all the food. After that we hoped on to the plan and set of to k L. it was a
a day and ten hour flight. We landed in KL. We went to Singapore. Then Mrishes. Then we finally got to Seashells were the boat is. In the boat there is 3 queen sized beds and two bunks. The bunks are my beds. We are living in the boat because we have now were else to stay. The oner how ouns the boat is in Dudai.
When we arived at the boat it was at the very end of the marina and it had no electricity so we hat to use are toutes.

The next day we woke up on the boat and it was stinking hot. We didn't realise we were only 4 degrees south of the equator. Dad stayed on the boat while Ella, mum and I court the bus in to town. We went in to town to get food. It was the frist time we have ever been in to town. The shops and food is so difrent to Melbourne shops and food. At the market there were people selling fish who had pet birds to eat the flys. They were very handy to the people. Over the next few days we setteld into the boat and got over are jet lag. Most days we have been in to town exsploring.

The boat is really great. Its really fun living on the boat it also has air conditioning. Over the past 2 weeks we just handgd around at the boat. Today it raind this morning. Now were just staying in the boat.

The next day we woke up again on the boat it was stinking hot like always. We got and went into town like always and got some food and went home. The bus driver was a mad bus driver in to town but it was fun because we got to stand up because the bus was full.ella and I had a lazy morning. We also colt the bus to the beach. We stayed most of the day. The water was really really wome. After that we colt the bus bake we stoped at a matket to. It soled closes, food, and lights.we colte the bus to the mrina.
Vessel Name: Muneera
Vessel Make/Model: Nauticat 44
Hailing Port: Sandringham, Australia
Crew: Millie Disney, Ella Disney, Andre Disney, Nick Disney.
About: We are a family. We live in Melboune but we are now in Seychelles buying a boat. After we buy the boat i am going to sail around the world.
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Who: Millie Disney, Ella Disney, Andre Disney, Nick Disney.
Port: Sandringham, Australia