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15 July 2018
16 August 2017
14 August 2017 | Pacific Ocean - 711 Miles from San Francisco
13 August 2017 | Pacific Ocean - 840 Miles from San Francisco
13 August 2017
12 August 2017 | Pacific Ocean
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Mirthmaker Update

15 July 2018
Hi, Robb Daer here. I'm sure some of you have been wondering why Mirthmaker hasn't been updating their blog. I've been in communication with them via text. The guys are having keyboard problems so haven't been able to update. they are able to navigate with no problems. They finally broke out of the low pressure hole yesterday evening and are "ripping along with the A3 and full main" according to the boat. This has been a huge morale boost for the painstakingly slow first 2 and a half days.

Mirthmaker Pacific Cup 2018

11 July 2018
Robb Daer
I was able to see the guys off this morning for the start of the Pacific Cup. They started at 1:15 with nice breeze in the bay. The wind is expected to get light this evening as they get offshore. There is a big trough of low pressure off the coast right now. They will have to sail Northwest to get above it and to the other side. Counterintuitive to sail that direction trying to get to Hawaii!
By Thursday night the wind should start to shift and by Friday evening they should get launched south with winds in the low to mid 20's.
Should be a great trip. Bummed i'm missing it but Kirk has an awesome crew with him. Robb

Test Post for Pacific Cup

10 July 2018
Tomorrow I set off on Mirthmaker for Kanehoe Bay, Oahu in the 20th Pacific Cup. You should be able to follow our trip here!

Mirhtmaker update

16 August 2017
I've been talking to the boat on text. they are under 400 miles from San Francisco. All is well aboard. They have been sailing at almost a 90 degree heading for the past two days, making good tracks and heading straight for San Francisco. the wind has been consistently 15+ with gusts into the mid 20's. They have two reefs in the main and a small jib up. The B&G instruments have been a challenge. they have quit altogether Monday night but are back now. even when they quit they were still able to get Speed Over the Ground and Course Over the Ground so it has not posed a problem for navigation. There are so many redundancies onboard. at last count I believe there were 12-15 GPS devices onboard. These include main and back up GPS units, Ipad, cell phones, back up handheld GPS, ships computers, Iridium Satellite phone etc. Last night was fast and smooth, the night before was wet and wild! It's getting cold and has been overcast for the past few days. They have switched their watches to west coast time. Looking like a mid day Friday arrival.

Day 12 Report

14 August 2017 | Pacific Ocean - 711 Miles from San Francisco
Kirk Denebeim
Making steady progress as the miles keep ticking away. We sail under a double reefed main and our 85% jib, a conservative yet comfortable sail plan that keeps the boat from feeling it's "on the edge" all the time. We have a nice wind direction coming at our port beam, so we've decided to deviate north away from the rhomb line course to SF while we can do so easily, because we see strong ( 20 kts +) breeze coming at us tomorrow from a much less favorable angle, so we'll have "put some in the bank" when that happens, and be able to steer at a more comfortable angle, aimed at the right direction. OK- that's enough navigation talk.

Life on board continues in its routine rhythm of three hours on, six hours off for each person- a really nice, easy work schedule. We will switch our watches on board to west coast time when we're 500 miles from SF. We definitely notice the odd hours of sunrise and sunset at the moment, so the time change will feel more natural. One of the other of the last Transpac boats to leave Hawaii, Sequoia, departed 3 d.ays ahead of us, headed toward Berkeley. We've been in daily contact with them, and their routing has turned into a near disaster. I am not sure how it happened, but let's say they are somewhere 600 miles west of the Channel Islands, trying to reach Los Angeles to reprovision their boat! We are once again very fortunate that we had the best people guiding us in our route planning, and looking at our track, I am extremely happy with how this is working out. In a few more days, we'll start to "smell the barn." And no- it does NOT smell like a barn on our boat! We keep things clean and shipshape, and the guys are taking good care of themselves- no funkiness on this sailboat! Time for me to stand my watch- my little "3 hour tour!"

Day 11 Report

13 August 2017 | Pacific Ocean - 840 Miles from San Francisco
Kirk Denebeim
It finally happened. Early this morning, we broke away from the clutches of this tenacious high pressure that has dogged us the entire trip, and are now blasting along in steady Force 3 seas, 13-17 knot wind speeds, one reef in the main and the boat pressing and rip-roaring along. All weather and routing options are telling us to head directly to SF, so that is what we are doing. We are 840 miles out, and should arrive sometime Friday in the late morning to noon. Keeping with our "culture of safety," all hands wear their PFDs whenever on deck now, and we've located our boots and foul weather gear. We have plotted a Great Circle course and are supervising "Pierre," the nickname for our incredible autopilot, which has steered 99% of the time. Pierre can steer a course far more accurately than any human, but he has to be watched at all times. As we approach the coast, the conditions will get sporty, and we can't wait! For now, we're having a good time, re-shifting stores, listening to tunes and navigating- just the usual things. No issues to report with the boat. Back again tomorrow.

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Vessel Name: Mirthmaker
Vessel Make/Model: Archambault A35
Hailing Port: San Francisco
Crew: Kirk Denebeim, Robb Daer, Roark Smith and Mark Warren
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