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16 June 2019
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16 June 2019



16 June 2019
Di Fitzgerald

April 2018 we found ourselves buying another boat. Miss Chips, our new boat, was fortunately kept in the same marina and although we had viewed others prior to the purchase, we consider Miss Chips the best value for us to buy. We now had two boats in the same marina. Pyxis moorage was paid for it until the middle of May, whereas, the moorage contract on Miss Chips expired at the end of April. This meant we needed to move the boat before this time. We decided to take the boat to Crotone, where we would have a bow thruster fitted. The boat would also be sandblasted to remove 20 years of anti foul before copper coating the hull

After leaving Miss Chips at Crotone we travelled over land back to MDR (Marina Di Ragusa)and moved Pyxis to Malta where we had it loaded on a ship and brought back to the United Kingdom. The boat was delivered to Poole in Dorset before Di, I and a friend, Chris Clements, sailed the boat to Plymouth where it remains on the hard waiting for a new owner

Pyxis arriving at Poole

Pyxis at Poole

Di and I now made our way back to Crotone. Although the work was not complete for our arrival we did finally get away in the middle of July to the Ionian Sea. We checked into Greece at Argostoli. We left Argostoli and met up with Helen and Marcel on Dakini at Petalas. From Petalas we explored the Gulf of Corinth. Stopping at Trizonia and Galaxidi. From Galaxidi we returned back down the golf and sailed/motored up to Corfu.

Dakini in the gulf of Corinth

Helen, John, Marcel & Di @ Trizonia

It was here we bid farewell to Dakini until we returned to MDR in the autumn
In Corfu we met up with the Molyneux family, who joined us for three weeks, sailing back down the Ionian to Zakinthos

Miss Chips in the Gulf of Petra

Carol, Don & Dave Molyneux

Disembarking the Molyneux family just in time for the medicane to hit us.
Leaving Zakinthos we travelled north to Preveza in order to meet up with Mal and Linda from North Wales.

Mal & Linda Fraser

We then sailed back to MDR - two nights & three days. Somewhat exhausted we made entrance into MDR marina only to find the entrance, when we were 15 m out, was hidden by a storm that was passing through. We had to head back out to sea before making our approach again - this time successfully.
Miss chips is now moored at berth L 30 in MDR.

Much work was done over the winter.
A new arch for new solar panels and a winter enclosure. Plus all the associated electronics in order to bring the boat up to date and to our specifications. In addition other items like a new chronometer, the new barometer, new speakers for the cockpit, new halyard bags, new upholstery cushions, both inside and out.
Deck Teak repairs were done by Sam and the cockpit teak was done by Di. She removed all the teak, cleaned it and glued it back down. Then replaced all the caulking. Our neighbour on L dock - Jan coached Di how yo do all this work and when she was done he sanded the teak. It took him two days of messy, dusty work but it is beautiful now.

And last but not least three new batteries, providing 520amp hours of power, to marry up with the new solar panels, giving 960 watts.
The six lines above, skate through what was a mammoth task, not only with the management of the jobs, but the continued struggle to get the attention of the local Italian tradesmen.

Massimo does excellent work, produced our new spray hood and winter in closure. A 2 week job, which because of Massimo’s quality is top draw, he of course, is in demand and continual chasing is required to get a completed job.

Pepe, the metal worker took our order for the arch in October with promises of a late November delivery. It was partially delivered in March. Matrimonial issues, we later learned meant he couldn’t finish the job and we had to employ a local company, La Rosa, to finish the job.

To add to the logistical problems, John went off to Lithuania for a replacement Knee.
Now in late May, early June, we have decided to postpone our sailing plans. Although John is walking and riding okay, balance is proving an effort. So now, we intend to spend June in the U.K. with maybe a visit to Ireland.
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