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02 February 2009 | La Paz
02 February 2009 | Bahia Tortugas
02 February 2009 | Bahia Tortugas
02 February 2009 | Bahia Tortugas
02 February 2009 | Bahia Tortugas
02 February 2009 | Bahia Tortugas
02 February 2009 | Bahia Tortugas
02 February 2009 | Bahia Tortugas
02 February 2009
11 January 2009
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The Captain

08 April 2008
I was a medic in the service. I was able to travel to Mexico, the Philippine Islands, Thailand, Nepal, India and Malaysia. I loved travel, foreign cultures and people, and enjoyed helping others.
I got my Bachlors in Biology, my Doctorate of Chiropractic, a variety of post graduate training in nutrition, counsuling, exercise and other therapy.
In 1970 I got my first sailboat, and realized I could reach the whole world. 5 boats later, I've sailed the entire west coast from Canada down to Mexico.
I enjoyed a fun life, then the Lord got ahold of me and things changed. Now I have a purpose to all the fun in life. And I want to share the incredable experience of knowing God.
My wife Deborah has a similar desire to help people and go to the Nations.
We went to bible college and did ministerial training at our church SouthCoast Fellowship.
Last year we got envolved with the Healing Rooms, and recieved additional training from pastors Cal Pierce and Bill Johnson and Bethel Church. We've seen miraculous changes in peoples lives with the loving touch of the Lord. We are following Gods purpose for our lives and praying around the world.

The First Mate

10 March 2008
Deborah's Bio

I was born to believing parents. On my mother's side we were simple farmers and they loved the Lord. My grandmother prayed with me to receive the Lord when I was three years old. On my father's side my grandfather was a minister in the southern states later relocated his family to California.

I was baptized at 11 years old and a member of the Church of Christ. I was able to prepare the communion table and so enjoyed it.

When I was 13 years old I also made a wrong decision I blamed Father God for the pain my natural father caused me. It was seven years before I was healed and reconciled to God. But God doesn't waste anything. He is the most Wonderful Beautiful Father of life.

He took all the sorrows in my life sifted the pain out and left the wisdom in and began to build and fashion me to be His vessel. Oh I wish I could say it was only one moment of darkness I traveled through to get into the right position for His purpose. But it took years to position me to serve God.

For 8 years I raised children and I served Jesus in the Weslyan Church as a Sunday School teacher, JR Church leader and various other things. I served for three years at the Assembly of God in Ojai as a Sunday School teacher and JR Church leader. I served with a team to build a School for 1st through 8th grades.
I was divorced, married again, three years later widowed and then I met my husband and after four years we were married. God lead us to attend South Coast Fellowship. We attended the School of Training for three years, then School of Ministry, then the School of Marriage. Father God is so merciful he took me through the toughest training dying to self, dreams, my ideas and brought me to his dreams, his ideas, and Himself.

My mother always said my stubbornness would turn into usefulness for God. She was right. I cried out to God "please save me from my selfishness and stubbornness." Father, God heard my cries and rescued me. It has taken many years of training for me to be pliable in Father God's hands. But it is good.

Now Father God is taking me on another journey this one is to Mexico, Central & South America and the South Pacific to share the love of God.

We will be taking teaching/disciplining materials, water maker, chiropractic, helps and prayer on this journey to visit those people that God puts into our path to love and bless.

Please pray that they see Jesus not us for His Glory and their Joy.

He did the most amazing miracle in my mind and heart and created a new mind and heart. I am not a damaged woman who is loved, I am a new creation, full of grace, by grace with grace for others.

My life has purpose, power and praise. If not for the grace of God I would have aborted all that Father God had in mind for me and my husband.

Now I am about to travel to remote places in the 10/40 window of the world to pray and share with others the hope of Christ in me. This is a great season of my life.

I have studied four years of College Spanish to help prepare me for this journey. I have also studied with a Spanish D-12 and served in the Oxnard Healing Room where I minister in English/Spanish. We have provisioned our boat with Spanish teaching supplies to share with others.

We need your prayers and support my husband and I would like to attend the YWAM emersion classes in La Paz to polish up our Spanish. It will cost $360 each to attend. Please pray for us that the Lord will supply this need and cover us as we travel abroad that we will bear much fruit and that fruit will remain. If you want to help support us you may send donations to South Coast Fellowship for the benefit of Michael & Deborah Gallagher; "Praying around the World"
Vessel Name: Good News
Vessel Make/Model: Cascade 42
Hailing Port: Ventura, CA
Crew: Michael & Deborah Gallagher
About: This is about crew
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